13 March 2014

My Personal Make-up Artist

Yasmin Heinz got inspired by Galliano and Prada make-up looks - IRMA make-up drawn by Yasmin

Interview with Yasmin Heinz, Make-up Artist, London

What is the ideal preparation for a make-up?
Skin is basically the canvas for all make-up artists, since it has a crucial impact on the success of the make-up. That is why I find it important to first cleanse it and then add moisturiser before I start with the make-up process. As the first base I often use primer. It fills irregularities, big pores and wrinkles with tiny silicone particles, working like a scrim diffuser. Then I like the tinted moisturiser
"Soin Teinté Phyto-Hydratant", which is like a second skin, preserving the natural sheen.
Is there a trick to find out whether I should accentuate my eyes or mouth?
Every woman knows best which part she likes best about herself, and that is the one she should accentuate. A perfect face can easily be boring.

What are the latest make-up tools, and is there a tip if you only use your finger tips?
I think that you can work very well with teh fingers, to achieve a lived-in-skin feeling. Sensing the make-up that way is my trick.
If you only have five minutes in the morning for a make-up, what do you recommend?
A tinted foundation, mascara and lipstick can work wonders.

In your opinion, what is the best skin care for the night after a day with a lot of make-up?
I can only say..... organic oil, the skin feels like velvet the next morning.

Check back tomorrow for the second part of this interview with more looks and tips!



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