29 December 2013

New Ideas Like Every Year

MAROMA BEACH: I am taking a warming break in Mexico to get ready for the new year. The last one was great and the new one makes me curious, like always. Of course I am looking towards the New Year in a visual way and I am thinking of the colours to come, the food I will cook, the drawings I will make, the clothes I will wear and the places I will see next year. This is just a very small selection of my personal outlook for 2014. Stay social with me and you will see where the journey is taking us..... 

1 CREATE YOUR OWN CREATIVE WALL: Start collecting and sampling art and treasures in your own way. Curate your paintings at home and edit you book shelves. You will find yourself continuously in a new world.

2 GET A NEW CUT: There is a little gem tucked away in the cozy neighborhood of Notting Hill, where your sleeping beauty awakens under the spells of Josh and his amazing hair colors, and of George and his wonderful pair of scissors. So if you really want to make a change, this match is the perfect address for a new look:
 Josh Wood and George Northwood.

3 LOOK FOR ART IN ARCHITECTURE: Art lovers will look out for outstanding installations on architecture in the upcoming years. The mix of visual ideas with buildings will soon inspire the way we like to live.

4 EAT MORE GREEN COLOUR: Find more eatable greens which will change your regular eating habits. For example sprinkle some green pistachio on your salad or rice dishes. Use the zest of green lime on top of your favorite desserts and buy a bunch of  fresh herbs every few days to use in your shakes, dishes and drinks. Green will look good in your new kitchen.

5 GET A NEW KITCHEN: It will change your way of cooking and entertaining your friends in the new year.

6 MAKE ONE PIECE CHANGE THE LOOK OF YOUR HOME: Look around for outstanding furniture and collectives which give your home a certain allure that suits you best. One single object can make a change of colour, light and style. Look at bocadolobo.com for extraordinary finds.

7 CHANGE YOUR DESSERT: And still get the tastiest and sweetest temptations cooked. On the new dessert app of greenkitchenstories.com you will find the best recipes for gluten & sugar free pies, cakes and deserts.

8 CHANGE YOUR HOUSE: Change the colour of your house and make it look completely new. My favorite mix is a very dark shade of grey to black lacquered window frames, chic & simple.

The inspiration wall in Shepard Fairey’s office at his creative agency, Studio Number One, London’s new top salon, Salon Society: Notting Hill’s Tip Top Cut & Colour, Blue Forest - Nissan Design Creative Studios, exterior courtyard; Farmington Hills, Detroit, USA, greens are beautiful and full of oxygen and minerals, product-design specialist Vipp envisioned its first kitchen as a trio of stand-alone modules, the Heritage Cabinet by boca do Lobo, a hazelnut cake with frozen saffron yogurt by greenkitchenstories.com, change the colour of your house and make it look completely new.



brings good news to you.
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the world, stopping wherever
she sees something interesting,
reporting on what inspires her.
She finds beauty in the
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from fashion shows
to art exhibits, from lonely
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When in Munich my
favorite store to look
for the best selection
of clothes is THERESA.
The staff is competent
and always has the
best ideas for styling
and mixing different
designers together.