15 October 2013

Beautiful Mind

BERLIN: Berlin has a fabulous new emporium where one can indulge in a well curated selection of cosmetics and fragrances for men and women from across the world. MDC Cosmetic is set up by Melanie Dal Canton, the highly inspired manager of Andreas Murkudis, the concept store that has put Berlin into the list of global shopping destinations. With her very own store Dal Canton very much pursues a holistic approach of beauty and body care which inspired me to talk to her about how one approaches beauty, about her daily life and what gives her a different idea towards beauty products.

When you enter MDC you will enjoy the minimal design of Gonzalez Haase Architects. The wooden shelves against the white-washed walls gives a clear impression and lets the products talk for themselves.

Cosmetic consultations and treatments are also available, including those of a renowned practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. MDC Cosmetic’s brand list currently includes Aesop, Santa Maria Novella, Werkstatt München, Neri Firenze and Perricone MD, to name a few. You will also find a well chosen range of high-end lifestyle products, such as silver soap dishes, tarot cards and diet supplements.

What comes to your mind first when you open your eyes in the morning?
I think about getting up first. Then making coffee, preparing a bottle for my daughter. At this point I steer clear of thinking about our dog.

Did you have a nice dream last night?

I can't remember. But I do wake up with a smile on my face so I think my dreams must have been beautiful.

What do you like most at your country house outside of Berlin?
Tweeting birds and the uncanny silence in between.

What does your breakfast smells of?
The whiff of a hot gruel I made from sorghum and maple syrup.

What is always on your dinner table?
Sort of Coal, it purifies tap water with a stick of Japanese charcoal.

If you could only take one single beauty product with you on a trip, what would you take?
The nourishing complex by Susanne Kaufmann. The flask looks charming, too.

What do you think about when walking through the woods?
Aquiring new products, research to be done. Generally I get flashed out by nature. A lot of information that keeps me thinking how to translate them into new ideas for my shop.

How does your perfect day look like?
Having time to enjoy my coffee. Read at least one newspaper entirely. Not having to run from A to B but wanting to do exactly what I want to do. Allow myself to go with the flow of a day.

What is most important for your own shop MDC in Berlin?
An exchange with interesting people about interesting products.

Which city symbolizes most your idea of beauty?
That would be San Francisco: A lot of fog, lots of rain and the ocean, many hippies and everybody is on a bike. Great consciousness about food in general. This spirit of California. Interestingly enough, much of this can be found in Berlin nowadays.

Three songs you like most on your playlist on your iPhone?
Sail by Awolnation
The Suburbs by Arcade Fire
Bad Kingdom by Moderat

Which beauty item do you always have in front of you on your desk while you are working?
The Hand Treatment by Malin + Goetz

How do you clean your dishes?
With an orange zest detergent.

Do you wear make-up, or don't you?
I use a mascara in midnight blue and lipsticks of all sorts (alternating, not all at once!).

What do you do with your hair to make it look beautiful?
I wash them in luke warm water and use a shampoo by Rahua. Then I apply an elixir rich with Omega 3 from the same brand.

How do you recognize a beautiful/ handsome woman or man?
By her or his radiance.

Which spice or herb has your favorite smell?

What book are you reading at the moment?
Untitled by Joachim Bessing, a novel.

How do you take care of your mind and soul?
I use dark chocolate by Erich Hamann a lot these days.

How do you enjoy a perfect dinner?
With my family.

How do you take advantage of the nighttime while sleeping?
At night I let sleep do all the work to regenerate myself in preparation for the tasks of the upcoming day.

Do you take any nutritional supplements?
Seaweed of all sorts. Spirulina mostly. Until now in Germany there is not a lot to choose from. Unfortunately.

Your favorite tea?

The basic mixture by Vienna's Saint Charles Apothecary.

How do you choose what to wear in the morning?
I go for elegance and interesting material. My clothes have to be functional to a degree. Kostas Murkudis and Dries van Noten both designed my current favourites. Haltbar from Munich do amazing stuff, too!

Your favorite place in Berlin?

That would be Prater Biergarten on Kastanienallee in Prenzlauer Berg.

... and in the entire world?
That is found at the banks of Bodensee, which used to be Germany's largest sweet water until the wall came down. My favourite spot of all is precisely there on the square of the huge cross, right behind the boarding school Spetzgart aka Salem. Phantastic views on the lake in all its beauty as well as on the mountains in the background, the Alps.

Is there still a product you have not yet found for your store?
Innovative moustache groomings and a really, really good toothpaste.

During winter, how do you protect your skin?

I use the beauty oil by RMS Beauty. And Gold Elixir by Julisis.

What meaning has the Gingko tree in front of your shop?
Funny, I was born on the same day as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who was intrigued by the Gingko which was a novelty plant in his era. He claimed to have found great inspiration in this tree which is not really beautiful. More like a giant tooth pick. But the leaves I find enchanting. I cherish the Gingko for being a mindful tree as its fruits do look delicate but breed a horrible smell once they turn yellow and get ready to drop to the ground. Until today, there was not a single chemist able to extract its valuable components for any cosmetic product which seems to remain a great challenge. They say a Gingko can grow for a thousand years, maybe more – fascinating, isn't it.



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