4 September 2013

Sunday Lunch

LICHTENAU/MIESBACH: All you need for a sunny lunch outside is a bunch of delightful friends, a perfect garden with a view, a sunny day, lots of time and the best ingredients from a local market put together. Find my personal advice below for a beautiful lunch outside.

IRMA’S TIPS (visuals from top left to bottom right):

- Get someone in charge of the kitchen. In my case it is my father, who is an excellent cook and has a great understanding of true ingredients. He seasons his dishes with fresh herbs and spices and tells the rest of us what to prepare when.

- A beautiful view makes a perfect scenery for every meal outside. Smell the grass and the trees around you while you sip your chilled rosé and stay out until long after dark.

- Have a lot of chilled citrus fruits in your kitchen for chilled freshly made juices. They give you a perfect feel if you had too many drinks in the sun. Season the juices with fresh mint or organic lemon peel.

- My mother is an artist when it comes to table decoration. You just send her out in the garden and kindly ask her to come up with something nice to put on the table. These different tree limbs of my apple tree make the most beautiful table decoration.

- Different salads are a perfect match for any grilled fish or meat. I always experiment with different ingredients while my dressing stays the same: olive oil, apple aceto vinegar, shallots, salt & pepper, a little Dijon mustard and lots of fresh herbs. I also added grilled sliced chorizo sausage to fresh garden leaves, cooked wheat berries, olives and shaved Piave cheese. Roasted nuts add up to a perfect taste so the salad can be also eaten on its own.

- A perfect time saver is frozen puff pastry. You just roll it out and throw any vegetables and cheese on top. I have them always in my freezer so I can do endless “pizzas” for the second appetite...

- One of my favorite antipasti is crostini. You just buy a nice loaf of bread with nuts and seeds, grill it and make your own vegetable spread on top of it. I tried smashed beet with crispy grilled chickpeas and mint.

- Don’t forget to invite some children along, they add up to the joy of the day. Well behaved dogs may also be part of the party. Our dog Polly found some chilled, peaceful moments in the middle of the flowerbed.

- Stay light after a long meal. One of my favorite desserts on a hot day is grapefruit & elderflower gelatine. Make it tasty with pink champagne and elderflower liqueur.

- I always have some tasty apples on my table after a long meal. The children love them in between and they are of great help to the ones with too many drinks as they neutralize the acid of the alcohol in our blood.



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