2 July 2013

Two Days in Berlin

IRMA wears PRADA autumn/winter 2013/14

BERLIN: Let’s see if I will see everybody and everything I am looking forward to see in Berlin, in only two days. Berlin is about looking, wether it’s fine art (my favorite exhibition at the moment is the Anish Kapoor show at Martin Gropius Bay), architecture, people enjoying their lunch at Borchardt or looking at the best Karamellschnecke at Barconi’s early in the morning. The fine fashion stores are always quicker in changing the season and I always have a look at the Corner or for special manufactured treasures at Andreas Murkudis Concept store, like recently when he commissioned Dries van Noten to select his favorite materials from previous collections and where clients make their own choice for a very personal manufactured dress, made in Belgium. I also like a quick lunch of Turkish delicatessen at Hasir in Kreuzberg, which is the best Turkish food I have tasted in all of Germany. And if I have seen it all I visit the Bauhaus in Dessau for a time journey and more history.

I will be also be seeing some shows and attending a couple of parties, so follow me on Instagram and come with me to Berlin.

Berlin Fashion Week is getting more and more sophisticated, one of my most favorite Max Beckman paintings, Stella McCartney, who is hosting the Designer of Tomorrow, Peek & Cloppenburg Young Talent Show, Karamellschnecken from Barconi’s in Mitte, Editing outfits at the Designer of Tomorrow show, international cook books at Goldhahm & Sampson, the best grocery store in Berlin, editions at Andreas Murkudis, Potsdamerstrasse, my favorite glasses from Mykita, have a look at their anniversary book, Gestalten Space, the most inspiring bookshop in Germany



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When in Munich my
favorite store to look
for the best selection
of clothes is THERESA.
The staff is competent
and always has the
best ideas for styling
and mixing different
designers together.