13 June 2013

Deep Blue

BARBAROS BAY: If you are lucky you will arrive at the Kempinski Hotel located at Barbaros Bay in Bodrum by boat. Sail your way through the deep blue sea, deserted coast line and beautiful landscape and all of a sudden you notice a typical luxury reseort's architecture which has found its way to the coast five years ago.

First of all I came here to relax a few days under the sun in tranquility, maybe a yoga session in the morning, a delicious lunch right at the beach and a hamman in the late afternoon. It's a perfect getaway for a little while. You can hop over from Istanbul and visit the city before or fly to Cos and take a ferry boat or, as I did, hire a Gulet (Turkish wooden boat) and sail over with some friends from Cos.

Read my tips for a perfect stay at the Hotel Kempinski Barbaros Bay.

My insider guide to the hotel and beyond

My favorite place at the hotel?
The pier at the sea for a morning yoga session, Barbaros Bay Restaurant for lunch and the grey marbled hamman.

My favorite hour spent there?
Watching the sun go down on the hotel's private sundowner boat, where they serve you icy, chilled champagne and freshly cut fruit.

Night spot:
You should not miss to go for late drinks to the Saigon Bar, but sit inside right at the bar, even if the stars are bright outside.

Where did I have my breakfast?
For more privacy on the Awakening Cruise, where you can have breakfast on our Picnic Boat. I had freshly baked croissants and some Turkish honey with fresh yoghurt.

What was my best beauty treatment:
I enjoyed the  Aegean-style Hammam treatment with sea salt scrub and olive oil massage – you can only get the original in Turkey.

What to bring home for your friends:
Visit the hotel boutique where  you will find some kaftans, beautiful towels, some typical Turkish toiletries and soaps.

First thing I did upon arrival:
I enjoyed the shisha after dinner and my favorite flavour is mint. You can choose between apple, melon, banana, cappuccino, chocolate, pear and peach.

How you look good and feel fine:
I mostly wore loose kaftans, bikinis and flat shoes during the day, keep it simple but chic. At night I kept my sandals low and my dress short or long. Wear materials like fine linen and silk, they make you feel perfectly cool during the hot days.

Best relaxation:
Sit on the beach right next to the sea at the Silent Beach (no children and cell phones allowed) and keep on reading or day-dreaming for hours.


  • visit the daily bazaars in Bodrum (on Tuesday), in Türkbükü (on Monday) and in ¥alikavak (on Thursday)
  • Book a table at Kocadon restaurant and enjoy the best food I had near the harbour
  • Enjoy Turkish luxury managed by Jade Jagger at the newly opened restaurant Secret Garden which is part of the Halikarnas Club in Bodrum. Good party atmosphere after dinner.
  • Get a pair of custom-made sandals from Wanda Sandals on Mosque Street, Gültürkbükü
  • Buy some saffron to take home with you, for example at Safran Bodrum Yeni Carsi street no 15, baskin[at]efes.net.tr
  • Do not buy a fake, you will regret it once you are back home.

In a few days learn more about Turkish inner beauty and health secrets and meet Deniz from the Kempinski Spa.



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