15 April 2013

Make my own

LONDON: This post is very special to me because it brings some important aspects of my work together. Let me tell you; In my monthly column, IRMAS MODE ATELIER, which I contribute to German Glamour magazine, I show each month one piece which is designed by me and handmade by my lovely tailor Doris. In this May issue I thought of a unique chunky necklace which is easy to make by yourself. If you are lucky you can also win the original one or find out more about how to make it yourself in the latest May issue of German Glamour (page 117).

The magazine never shows the original piece because as you know IRMAS WORLD is drawn, painted and illustrated. Today I will do an exception and take a photograph of it and more importantly I decorated the necklace on one of my grandfather’s sculptures. His name is Carl Vilz and he was a sculptor studying at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf and later taught at the Bauhaus in Weimar. I inherited a few sculptures and they are in my studio where they inspire me every day. My work is very different from his, but one thing we have in common is the study of the body, the proportions and movement. I like the mix of this classical sculpture which is called Flora, from 1941, made of stone. I will show you more of his work soon but if you like, take a look at his web page.

How to create the necklace


WHAT YOU NEED: Coloured cotton or silk ribbon, a thick cotton cord, ready-made ribbon with pearls, a pin and according thick thread.

HOW YOU DO IT: Decide the full length of your necklace and cut accordingly. Form two loops and stitch them together on each side. Later you will put the silk ribbon through those loops to close the necklace.
Cut the ribbon with the pearls accordingly, iron the ribbon and and stitch them onto the cord.
Once everything is neatly stitched on iron the cord and pull the silk ribbons through the loops and use as a closure. Ready!



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When in Munich my
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