6 July 2012

Show on the Wall

Alice Springs aka Helmut Newton, “Fashion, Dépêche Mode”, Paris 1971
Michel Comte, Veruschka, 1990
Cem Bora, Collage, fashion by Balenciaga

BERLIN: Besides the fashion shows, parties and events in Berlin during Berlin Fashion Week, take a look at the shows in the museums and galleries. Some of them are stunning, well curated and explain pretty well the phenomenon of fashion.

The relationship between fashion, its images and the varying forms of media communication used over the past 30 years, is the topic of the special exhibition “Visions & Fashion, Images of Fashion: 1980–2010” at the Kulturforum on Potsdamer Platz. The exhibition, curated by Adelheid Rasche, is divided into two sections. The first part presents 40 groups of work with original works by international photographers (amongst them famous names like Peter Lindbergh, Michel Comte and Sarah Moon), illustrators (like Mats Gustafson and Tina Berning), graphic artists and painters. Especially the original artworks by the illustrators are worth seeing, as they lose a certain amount of their charm when printed. In the second part of the exhibition, different visual approaches to design are shown. Various types of objects and printed products like magazines, posters and look books as well as image films and websites are exhibited which all demonstrate the variety and multi-faceted nature of media communications in fashion today.

This exhibition is on till 9 October in the Kulturforum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, on Potsdamer Platz.



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the world, stopping wherever
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When in Munich my
favorite store to look
for the best selection
of clothes is THERESA.
The staff is competent
and always has the
best ideas for styling
and mixing different
designers together.