14 June 2012

Beauty Flight

Biologique Recherche at the Air France Lounge at the Charles de Gaulles Airport, Paris
My favorite product, the P50 Lotion
The Beauty institute off the Champs Elysées in Paris

PARIS: Taking an Air France flight from Paris to New York will no longer be a waste of time. Since recently First Class passengers are able to pamper and boost their skin before they board their flight at the new Biologique Recherche Air France Lounge at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Before leaving the Beauty Lounge I will receive an array of Biologique serums which can be used while high above the sky, and by the time I land in NYC my glow is almost perfect.
Biologique Recherche uses the medical clout of trained physician Dr. Philippe Allouche, whose parents, Yvan and Josette Allouche, started the company back in the 70s, to ensure products work on the epidermis itself, making the skin function better and meaning results are longer lasting. Investing in a facial treatment before you go to your next party is a good investment and buying a few beauty products will show long-lasting results. My must-have is the P50 Lotion which mattifies and tones my skin every morning.



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When in Munich my
favorite store to look
for the best selection
of clothes is THERESA.
The staff is competent
and always has the
best ideas for styling
and mixing different
designers together.