29 August 2009

Artisan ice cream truck

The Five o’clock Pret-À-Portea afternoon tea at the Berkeley Hotel in London is a perfect inspiration for your next shopping excursion. Get inspired by miniature cakes and pastries – fashion must-haves, which not only look good but also taste magnificent.
When your sweet heart is calling, Irma has the answer.
I am not sure what I will look at most, the art inside the Kunsthaus Graz or the biomorphic shape of the architecture by Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, who both created this impressive synthesis in the middle of the old town of Graz, Austria. The museum looks like a giant black bubble which is about to burst among the old traditional houses.

The best artisan ice cream in New York City is sold out of an adorable pale yellow truck that roams the city. You can check the Van Leeuwen website for locations or follow them on Twitter. All ingredients are organic and the base of the ice cream is made of hormone-free milk and cream, egg yolk and pure cane sugar. I order one scoop each of Giandujia, Pistachio and Tahitian Vanilla….



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When in Munich my
favorite store to look
for the best selection
of clothes is THERESA.
The staff is competent
and always has the
best ideas for styling
and mixing different
designers together.