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18 March 2014

The Fendi Show

MUNICH: Tonight, March 18th, 2014, the luxury label FENDI, whose Creative Director is Karl Lagerfeld, will open its first boutique in Germany. The boutique is 365 square meters large and is located in Maximilianstraße 12-14 in a historical building from the 19th century. The hosts, Pietro Beccari (Chairman and CEO of FENDI), Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi will personally welcome the guests at the opening.

Womenswear, handbags, shoes, accessories, furs and watches will be offered on two floors in the new boutique. In addition, there will be a made-to-order corner as well as a VIP room for individual fittings.

On the occasion of the FENDI boutique opening, FENDI has created a limited version of the Bag Bug “Funich”, which will be sold in a limited edition of 50 pieces. Furthermore, the unique Baguette Bag, designed by the Japanese artist Hiroshi Senju will be displayed in the boutique.

16 March 2014

Spring Arrival

NEW YORK: As the days are getting longer and temperatures are rising it is time for a break on a bench in a park. Just sit down for some time let the sunlight warm your face and just gaze away and relax your mind. I love to be in big cities where I always find a place in a park to refuel my energy and go on.

IRMA’s top green spots on a bench in the park:

1. Jardin du Palais Royale, Paris: This park in a courtyard is a perfect hide aways in busy Paris. The arcades around the park are lined with beautiful shops and nice restaurants. I buy my shoes at Pierre Hardy.

2. Jardin Botanique de Bruxelles, Belgium: A wonderful place even on a rainy day. Sit inside the giant glass houses and observe the beauty of flowers and plants.

3. Parc Guell, Barcelona: A place where architecture and botanic melt together. This place is almost hypnotic and magic. Gaudi was inspired by organic shapes by this place which he also used as inspiration for his work.

4. Shinjuku Central Park, Tokyo: This park has almost jungle-like parts where you can stroll along and listen to exotic bird sing along in spring time. The colour green is dominant, a vibrant, deep shade which makes you almost see oxygen.

5. Englischer Garten, Munich: The nicest part is behind the Waterworks, where you can walk through beautiful landscape without meeting anyone during the
weekdays. A time journey back to Louis XIV.

From top left to bottom right: The beautiful greenhouse at the Jardin de Botanique in Brussels, one of many old bridges in Central Park New York, colourful and organic shapes inParc Guell in Barcelona, Le Jardin du Palais Royale which is surrounded by beautiful shopping arcades, The northern part of the Englische Garten in Munich, and intense greens at Shinjuku Central Park in Tokyo
15 March 2014

More Make-up Tips from Yasmin Heinz

If you don’t want to be at the beach without make-up, what looks good?
First of all you shouldn’t forget a sun Lotion with a high sun protection factor. The high-energy UV rays attack the connective tissue underneath the skin and is one of the main factors for wrinkles. You should always bring a red lipstick and of course shimmering bronzing lotion or powder.  

Your make-ups are a statement. As in a work of art, everything is in harmony. How can I create a similar look with less effort?
One often forgets that it takes many hour before achieving the make-up result that you see in pictures. In general, I think make-up shouldn’t be taken too seriously. First of all my advice is to consider make-up as a life philosophy and mostly have fun with it and underline one’s own creativity with it. I can suggest a sensational make-up, but I leave every person the freedom to draw their own ideas from it, when it comes to color and style.
Trying out unusual colors in the form of nail polish, lipstick or eye shadow is a good start. For that it doesn’t matter whether you put on a lot or little make-up.
Hair and make-up should always be in balance. What’s your opinion?
That is absolutely true and important. I am lucky to work with creative hairdressers who share the same vision. You are strong in a good team, you know and trust each other and that’s how you come to a good, harmonious result.
Do you have any tips for looking good during and after a long-distance flight?
A rich moisturizer, eye drops, concealer and lipstick instantly create an immaculate look.

Are you using dietary supplements for your beauty?
As they say: real beauty comes from within. You should be in harmony with your self and have a positive attitude towards life. Regular fitness training, plenty of sleep, drinking lots of water and eating fresh fruit and vegetables are also important.

Yasmin Heinz, make-up artist, London
The global pioneers in the beauty and fashion industries revere make-up artist Yasmin Heinz. The creative spirit of London, the place she calls home, inspires her unique sensibility. Yasmin has collaborated on the international stage with ADIDAS, Alexander McQueen, Aveda, Azzedine Alaia, Chanel, Comme des Garcons, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Kaviar Gauche, Kenzo, Michalsky, Sonia Rykiel, Thiery Mugler, Victor & Rolf, Victoria’s Secret and Vivienne Westwood, to name a few.

For IRMA she created four unique make-up looks for which she got inspired by the runways shows of the spring/summer 2014 collections. IRMA ist the first illustrative character that Yasmin Heinz creates a special make-up look for.

13 March 2014

My Personal Make-up Artist

Yasmin Heinz got inspired by Galliano and Prada make-up looks - IRMA make-up drawn by Yasmin

Interview with Yasmin Heinz, Make-up Artist, London

What is the ideal preparation for a make-up?
Skin is basically the canvas for all make-up artists, since it has a crucial impact on the success of the make-up. That is why I find it important to first cleanse it and then add moisturiser before I start with the make-up process. As the first base I often use primer. It fills irregularities, big pores and wrinkles with tiny silicone particles, working like a scrim diffuser. Then I like the tinted moisturiser
"Soin Teinté Phyto-Hydratant", which is like a second skin, preserving the natural sheen.
Is there a trick to find out whether I should accentuate my eyes or mouth?
Every woman knows best which part she likes best about herself, and that is the one she should accentuate. A perfect face can easily be boring.

What are the latest make-up tools, and is there a tip if you only use your finger tips?
I think that you can work very well with teh fingers, to achieve a lived-in-skin feeling. Sensing the make-up that way is my trick.
If you only have five minutes in the morning for a make-up, what do you recommend?
A tinted foundation, mascara and lipstick can work wonders.

In your opinion, what is the best skin care for the night after a day with a lot of make-up?
I can only say..... organic oil, the skin feels like velvet the next morning.

Check back tomorrow for the second part of this interview with more looks and tips!

11 March 2014

Summer in the Cold

PARIS: If you already want to indulge in the latest spring/summer 2014 looks, use a few tricks & tips to keep warm enough while following a stylish mood.

Use furry ankle cuffs on your cardigans and jackets because once the ankle is comfortably warm, the body keeps its ideal temperature. Cardigan with fur cuff by ROCHAS.

Remember the 80s when jumpers turned miniskirts and scarfs. They are back and this time use your colour skills to mix match a perfect look (by ROCHAS).

Make last year’s outdoor jacket into this year’s comeback and ask your tailor to build into your parker extra large and chunky zippers to keep warm. I like Moncler Gamme Rouge.

If you already feel like going out and about in bare legs, choose a bootie to keep warm and heeled. Hedi Slimane makes them pointed and glossy. If you cannot resist a beautiful sandal already, take a warm bath before going out, put self-tanning lotion onto your feet and have your toes painted in warm orange. You feet will stay warm until the end of the night.

Lacy leggings are the perfect match to a flat Chelsea boot. Wear them in contrast to XXL chunky sweaters to your yoga class, the only place you can really wear a pair of leggings. Louis Vuitton makes the most outstanding ones.

White tights were never my favorites because they always reminded me of dolls and grannies. Miu Miu gave them a beautiful  knitted appearance and added cool colours like bright green and pale pink, something I will definitly get used to.

From top left to bottom right: Sandal by Saint Laurent, mink cuffs and sweater by Rochas, glossy booties by Saint Laurent, white tights by Miu Miu, mix match Parker by Moncler Gamme Rouge, black, lacy leggings by Louis Vuitton


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