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25 February 2014

It is Wonderful

LONDON: If you do not happen to be in London this week you can still participate in one of the greatest art programs in the world. On Thursday, February 27, Tate Modern in London will broadcast the online live performances by British artist Cally Spooner following her live musical at Tate Britain, And You Were Wonderful, On Stage.

Spooner’s Performance Room production finds itself situated somewhere between a rehearsal, a chat show and a promo; featuring the gestures of public figures who stumbled at a moment of liveness, a mezzo-soprano narcissist channeling public disappointment via you tube comments, a lip-syncing employee and a gossiping, absent Chorus Line. Her work includes writing, film, live performance, and broadcasting. Spooner’s productions have been presented at Performa 13, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Kunsthal Charlottenburg, Copenhagen; KW Institute, Berlin; Wysing Art Centre, UK; Jeu De Paume, Paris; Serpentine Gallery, London. Cally Spooner is a recipient of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Awards for Artists 2013.

Audiences are invited to enter the online BMW Tate Live Performance Room via at 20.00 in the UK and exactly the same moment across time zones on the specified dates: 15:00 on the East Coast of America, 21:00 in mainland Europe, 23:00 in Russia. The performance is followed by a live Q&A for which you are invited to tweet your questions @TateLive #bmwtatelive.

Cally Spooner, film stills for ‘He’s in a Great Place!’ (A film trailer for And You Were Wonderful, On Stage), 2014
22 February 2014

Bright Sunday Morning

MILAN: By the time I watch the Marni show I feel always happy and for some reason always in a summery mood, even if we are looking at autumn / winter 2015. The mix match of colour, material and form just enlightens my spirit and puts me in a good mood. Take a look!

Watch the show live on, Sunday, 23 February 2014 at 10:30 a.m. (Milan time). Just click on the invitation above.

ELEMENTS OF HAPPINESS FROM THE SUMMER SHOW 2014: Marni knows all the assets for a cool outfit that makes you happy. Shades against the sunshine, colour & pattern mixture, trims with ruffles, stripes against bright colours.
16 February 2014

Canadian Winter Wonderland

Ottawa: It’s been a mild winter for most of Europe, and by the time February comes around I start missing the snow. Normally this is when I would go on a ski vacation in the Alps, but this year I have decided to go to Ontario for a change for some real winter with lots of ice and snow. Just do it like the Canadians do: bundle up and enjoy the cold.

There’s nothing better than going ice skating on Ottawa’s frozen Rideau Canal, an almost 8-kilometre long winter wonderland in the middle of the city. You can go skating for hours on the Skateway and afterwards stroll through Confederation Park, admiring the delicate ice sculptures of the Winterlude Festival. And I followed my friend Misty’s tip and stopped by a stand on the Canal to enjoy a hot Beaver Tail pastry drizzled with lots of cinnamon and lemon juice - the perfect snack in freezing temperatures.

From top left to bottom right: Ottawa’s most elegant auberge, fit for a queen: Fairmont Château Laurier; Social Restaurant & Lounge; winter fun across the river in Gatineau’s Jacques-Cartier Park aka Snowflake Kingdom; nothing better than beaver tails during a snowstorm; Sidedoor restaurant serving modern Canadian cuisine; snowshoeing in Gatineau Park; maple delights

My favourite ice rinks around the world

The Rideau Canal, Ottawa/Ontario
With the function of connecting the cities of Kingston and Ottawa in Ontario, Rideau Canal is a great place to ice skating; in fact it is the largest ice rink in the world which lets you go on and on and on....

Red Square Ice Rink, Moscow
Feel like a Russian princess and skate around the Red Square. It has even staged Olympic ice-skating events in the past.

Somerset House, London
I think that Somerset House is one of the most beautiful ice rinks in Europe. The setting is in one of Somerset House’s 18th-century courtyards. The restaurant Tom’s Kitchen by chef Tom Aikens is a great place for lunch or to warm up between rounds.

Wollman Skating Rink, New York
It is located in the southern part of Central Park, making it one of the rinks with the best views in the world. It is open from October to April. I like to go for a walk in Central Park before I put on my skates.

Rideau Canal; Wollman Skating Rink; Somerset House; Red Square Skating Rink
12 February 2014

A New Start, a New You

MUNICH: Today I want to introduce you to our new nutritionist Caroline. She is a devoted cook and health expert and I have been following her on instragram for some time. I like the way she experiments with new recipes and how she lives her life. Food is an important aspect to feel joy and strength in her daily life. I want to share her ideas and tasty recipes with you from now on.

Caroline’s Healthy Morning Rituals

Do you know these days when you wake up and you don’t really feel all that well? More like staying in bed all day, eating take-out and watching a stupid soap on TV? Well that was me for a very long time. I treated my body like rubbish and didn’t think for two seconds before I put something in my mouth. The result was feeling not so well for most of the time. I treated those „not so well-moments“ with sugar and food with additives that make you feel great the minute you eat them, but oh not so great afterwards.

Those days are history now, also due to my new morning rituals that I don’t miss ever. I think it all lies in starting the day right, mind and bodywise.

So here they are:
After you’ve woken up I urge you to actually get up and make yourself a cup of warm water (filtered is best) with the juice of half a lemon. The lemon should be fresh and preferably organic. Don’t go for the stuff in plastic, it’s soo not the same. Just add it to the water and then sip it slowly. It won’t be long until you feel your body waking up from the inside. The benefits of this ancient ayurvedic ritual are endless, but to name a few: it’s a natural diuretic, balances pH levels, boosts your immune system and aids digestion. Also the high amount of Vitamin C in a bio-available form will boost immunity and improve your overall health.

While drinking this I try to think of my goals for the day and also to plan a little something that could turn an ordinary Wednesday into a superduper fun Wednesday. This could be a picnic at the park, a small bicycle tour, a walk through a part of your town which you don’t know very well... just anything to get you out of your comfort zone.

Since Jan. 1st, 2014, I’ve started a gratitude journal in which I write three things that I’m grateful for every morning. Like: I’m grateful for my warm home, my beautiful and kind family and my new comfy sweater. It can be anything, but you should feel really grateful for it. And you need to come up with three new things every day. Sounds hard? It is! But it will shift your perspective from the things you want/need to the abundance of things you already have. You will notice that everything you need to be happy is already there and I’m telling you, I already feel so blessed with all the amazing people, talents, memories, things and ideas I have!

Now you’ve probably gotten hungry. One of my favourite breakfasts is the Raw Buckwheat Porridge that you see here. Buckwheat is naturally gluten-free and comes with lots of health benefits, e.g. it’s a great source of fiber, protein and antioxidants. The best thing is, that you can soak it over night and blend it the next morning to receive a wonderful white fluffy mash that also tastes amazing. You can vary this recipe endlessly and top it with whatever you have at home. I found a similar recipe on the blog a long time ago but there are dozens out there. This breakfast keeps you satiated for a long time and nourishes your body without being hard on the stomach. The fruit keeps it light and the toppings provide awesome healthy superfood power.

Raw Buckwheat Porridge

Makes 3-4 portions

1 cup buckwheat groats

a handful of cashews

1 organic orange (blood orange makes it pink!)

1 organic sour apple (if you only have a sweet one, add 1 tbsp of lemon juice)
1/2 tsp ground vanilla

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

a pinch of salt


almond butter
, raw cacao nibs
, pomegranate
, gojis, 
bee pollen, 
passion fruit, 
or whatever you have at home.

Soak the buckwheat and cashews in two separate bowls over night (or for at least 8 hours). Rinse both and place in a food processor. Add the apple, orange, vanilla and cinnamon. Blend until smooth. You may want to scrape down the sides during this. Spoon it into bowls or mason jars (great if you need a to-go-breakfast) and top it with almond butter, cacao nibs, gojis, pomegranate and bee pollen.

About Caroline Saint Ange
Caroline Saint Ange leads a plant-based lifestyle with a focus on whole, unprocessed foods. She loves to prepare healthy meals which she shares with her husband and friends. She studied philosophy in Munich but works as a private tutor in the afternoon and spends her mornings with food shopping, cooking and reading about nutrition and health. Due to chronic inflammation she was forced to change her diet and has now almost healed herself from all symptoms. She strongly believes in the power of healthy food and loves teaching others about it. Caroline has quite an active instagram account, which you can find here: healthygreenkitchen

4 February 2014

NYC’s Florist du Jour

IRMA wears a dress by Carven, Pre-Fall 2014 and a bag by Dries van Noten, Spring/Summer 2014.

NEW YORK: Emily Thompson brings a sculptural element to all her floral designs. The Brooklyn florist, has quite an impressive portfolio of clients – including Michelle Obama. Her flower arrangements tell a story of time & history and they look like they come out of an 18th-century painting by J. C. Roedig.

In 2009 she opened her storefront in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn. A visit to Emily’s studio and shop is illuminating. One quickly gets a sense of her whimsical style. The studio is filled with antique vases, tangles of branches, vintage paper and more. In fact, what stands out are the relatively few flowers in the shop. For the most part, the workspace is filled with natural finds – berries, branches and wood. While it may appear that Emily’€s work is the result of long, ponderous walks in the country, in fact most of her materials are sourced from the Flower District. ‘I spend a lot of money to make it look like it these pieces came out of the woods,’€ says Emily. For example, Emily uses quite a bit of driftwood in her work.

‘I focus on the textures of the materials as opposed to color,’€ says Emily. When she’€s talking about flowers she tends to talk in sculptural terms, ‘I like the character of each material to come forth in what I do,’ says Emily. Her embrace of form has captured the attention of taste makers. Seasonality is a consistent theme in her work and the result is always surprising and quite different.

Emily Thompson in her studio in Brooklyn, a bouquet that looks like as picked by hand, flower installation sculptured around a stairways, decorated column, a special wedding request: The bride wanted a bouquet: ‘Make it look dead’.


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When in Munich my
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