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11 April 2014

Easy Packing

MUNICH: The time before going on a holiday is always stressful and I try to plan my suitcase always ahead of time. Then the actual packing should only take minutes.

Follow my tips and arrive light at your destination so you can immediately start to relax and look great everywhere you go.

1. Start by putting your favorite essential accessories together. Focus on what you really need and which colour is your favorite at the moment. Red is perfect for spring, silk scarf and mini bag by Saint Laurent, Sandals by Charlotte Olympia. Now you build up your holiday wardrobe around these accessories.

2. Take at least one statement accessory. I have chosen the Prada Hawaiian clutch which goes perfectly in a pattern match for this season’s Victoria by Victoria Beckham dress and Marni midi skirt. My cosmetics products are all by Ambuja, as they are packed in a perfect container to stay fresh even in hot temperatures.

3. At home, style already one of your favorite pieces at the moment. I will wear this Isabel Marent blouse with a vintage Charles Jourdan bag for dinner when I arrive to white cropped jeans. The jeans cover my bare not-yet-holiday-looking legs, but the blouse puts me in an instant holiday mood.

4. Also the blouse matches perfectly with the midi skirt and if I want to make my look casual I wear it with Valentino lace espadrilles and my Prada clutch.

5. Statement pieces are a must if you don’t want to take too much. The trick is to stay in one colour scheme. The Carven button-up daydress reflects also the light pink which is also in the cool pattern design of my favorite Miu Miu dress.

6. This way all shoes also match all different outfits and I only have to take three pairs – yellow sandals by Valentino for the daytime, high party shoes by Charlotte Olympia and casual flats by Valentino for the beach.

7. Essentials always in my suitcase: white t-shirt, silk camisole, cropped pair of white jeans and one cashmere sweater even for a hot destination.

8. Use white silk paper to put in between your clothes especially when you pack everything tight in a small bag.

9. Use a small travel bag (orange Hermès Bugatti bag) which can also be used as a beach bag or xxl shopper. And remember it is extremely elegant and cool when your boyfriend compliments you on your light luggage and is stunned to see you looking good every single day of your vacation.

10. All clothes are from, bag by Hermès, cosmetics by ambuja, all hair products by Kerastase Soleil series by L’Oreal for silky hair even at the beach.

BEAUTY TIP: I put all my beauty supplies in my mini handbags, this way I save more space. My must beauty items are from Ambuja, dewdrop elixir and charisma elixir. I use the dewdrop elixir already before and during my flight to keep my skin well nourished and hydrated for an immediate glow I use the charisma elixir when I have arrived.

10 April 2014

A Dress for Less

MUNICH ...but so immensely beautiful! Last night I went to the opening of the new H&M shop in Munich, which is behind a historic facade of a typical Munich house just opposite the Rathaus. Have a look at my social media channels to get a full report on who was there and let me show you here my pick for my spring wardrobe. Everything was powdery light and felt simply good to wear. I picked the wedding dress and I will wear it with sandals all summer long.

6 April 2014

The Box

AMMERLAND: I would have never imagined how one simple box can entirely change my life. At least the aspect of putting everything in the right place and finding an order to give my house a structure which actually makes me save time!

The WANDLER box is the perfect tool. It is a beautiful, simple metal box, which comes in six colours and has the possibility to be labeled with decorated or chalkboard magnets. You can put the magnet anywhere on the box so that it is visible even when you stack it. The box can be filled with food as it is coated with a protective layer. You will find the Wandler boxes in my kitchen, my dressing room, my office and anywhere else in the house where I need to find things quickly.

The idea came from Regine Kiefer, a former lawyer who was missing a sensible way of packing gifts. Why throw away the packaging if you can use it to keep everything together? That is also why you can order pre- filled and theme-oriented boxes from her studio in Ammerland, like for example the Make a Wish box or the Color your Life box, which are great presents that make sense.


My Wandler Box tips, from top left to bottom right: Give your box a theme, finally my desk is in order, my treasure box, more treasures kept away in different boxes, a beauty box for a friend makes a very special gift, pile up your boxes and save space in your study, keep your stationary neat and clean, the open box is a perfect container for pens, scissors and even grissini or cigarettes at a party.
1 April 2014

Blooms & Flowers

From left to bottom right: Dries Van Noten, winter 2014/15, Christian Dior, winter 2014/15, Flower jumper by Christopher Kane, summer 2014, Dries Van Noten, winter 2014/15

DORSET: What happens when a unique talent of a still-life photographer and the creative craftsmanship of an artist come together? You get a different angle of the interpretation of a flower bouquet as done by Scheltens & Abbenes.

And have you ever thought of a vintage plant shop? Aren’t all living plants kind of second hand?? But only in Stockholm do they have their own vintage shop where the public can come to buy or swap plants & cuttings. The former graphic design studio turned vintage plant shop is almost like a gallery for living pieces of art and plants are changing every day.

And of course the fashion world is taking great notice of plants and flowers this season, which makes me want to buy a dress by Dries van Noten, who came up with the most beautiful flowers to wear.

Window display at the vintage plant shop in Stockholm, two pieces by artistic duo Scheltens Abbenes.
31 March 2014

Beauty Talk

TOKYO: Today I want to introduce you to my beauty column which I have been contributing to Nippon ELLE every month since almost two years. It is great fun to get inspired by new trends, beauty travels, health routines and sport trends. I get my inspiration on my travels, my curiosity for new products and this time also from YOU, my dear followers, who participated in the Laura Mercier raffle from last week. It is like talking to my girlfriends about their favorite product and I loved to read your ideas about beauty.


FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Tokyo is not a perfume-mad city. You won’t catch whiffs of elusive scents as you go about town; in the department stores you’ll struggle to find more than the mainstream Chanels and Guerlains. But it is always worth to find LE LABO, a parfumeur from Paris who brings his distinguished scents to Tokyo. The interior also makes it worth visiting the shop; In Gifu, about 400km west of Tokyo, I found this outstanding and minimalist hairdresser named TROOVE, the concentration is all on the clients and the hair. All hairdressing tools and products are neatly hidden away; My own IRMA beauty purse filled with all the goodies by Laura Mercier for spring.


I have always loved the hair of Indian women. When travelling to India, I brought back an Indian coconut oil scented with jasmine. It smells exotic and a bit like holiday every time I put it in my wet hair after washing it. It makes my hair stronger and they shine like silk. PS: In some Indian stores at home one can find the oils too! And here is my special make-up tip for spring: Have a little spring crush with beige on your face, pink on your lips, nude on your lid and a little rosé on your cheeks.

Well, my basic tip is very easy: Drink lots of water, as well as daily a cup of green tea. I use a great peeling by Dr. Dennis Gross. Always take off your make-up, even when falling into bed in the morning hours, my favorite cleanser is by Peter Thomas Roth. I use the Velvet Cream by Erno Laszlo and instantly feel like a Hollywood star. My fragrance is Fahrenheit, a scent which makes me feel irresistible and invincible. And the best, most difficult and at the same time easiest tip: Beauty comes from inside, when I am at ease and happy with myself.

My beauty tip is very easy and low-cost, but great for a beautiful, clean skin. The most reasonable and easy cleansing mask is as follows: Take some quark (use the amount of fat according to your skin type), mix it with 1 TS of healing earth by Luvos, mix well and put it on your face until it dries completely. Take off with lukewarm water.
And if you want to scare the neighbours leave it on, it looks very funny!


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When in Munich my
favorite store to look
for the best selection
of clothes is THERESA.
The staff is competent
and always has the
best ideas for styling
and mixing different
designers together.