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29 December 2013

New Ideas Like Every Year

MAROMA BEACH: I am taking a warming break in Mexico to get ready for the new year. The last one was great and the new one makes me curious, like always. Of course I am looking towards the New Year in a visual way and I am thinking of the colours to come, the food I will cook, the drawings I will make, the clothes I will wear and the places I will see next year. This is just a very small selection of my personal outlook for 2014. Stay social with me and you will see where the journey is taking us..... 

1 CREATE YOUR OWN CREATIVE WALL: Start collecting and sampling art and treasures in your own way. Curate your paintings at home and edit you book shelves. You will find yourself continuously in a new world.

2 GET A NEW CUT: There is a little gem tucked away in the cozy neighborhood of Notting Hill, where your sleeping beauty awakens under the spells of Josh and his amazing hair colors, and of George and his wonderful pair of scissors. So if you really want to make a change, this match is the perfect address for a new look:
 Josh Wood and George Northwood.

3 LOOK FOR ART IN ARCHITECTURE: Art lovers will look out for outstanding installations on architecture in the upcoming years. The mix of visual ideas with buildings will soon inspire the way we like to live.

4 EAT MORE GREEN COLOUR: Find more eatable greens which will change your regular eating habits. For example sprinkle some green pistachio on your salad or rice dishes. Use the zest of green lime on top of your favorite desserts and buy a bunch of  fresh herbs every few days to use in your shakes, dishes and drinks. Green will look good in your new kitchen.

5 GET A NEW KITCHEN: It will change your way of cooking and entertaining your friends in the new year.

6 MAKE ONE PIECE CHANGE THE LOOK OF YOUR HOME: Look around for outstanding furniture and collectives which give your home a certain allure that suits you best. One single object can make a change of colour, light and style. Look at for extraordinary finds.

7 CHANGE YOUR DESSERT: And still get the tastiest and sweetest temptations cooked. On the new dessert app of you will find the best recipes for gluten & sugar free pies, cakes and deserts.

8 CHANGE YOUR HOUSE: Change the colour of your house and make it look completely new. My favorite mix is a very dark shade of grey to black lacquered window frames, chic & simple.

The inspiration wall in Shepard Fairey’s office at his creative agency, Studio Number One, London’s new top salon, Salon Society: Notting Hill’s Tip Top Cut & Colour, Blue Forest - Nissan Design Creative Studios, exterior courtyard; Farmington Hills, Detroit, USA, greens are beautiful and full of oxygen and minerals, product-design specialist Vipp envisioned its first kitchen as a trio of stand-alone modules, the Heritage Cabinet by boca do Lobo, a hazelnut cake with frozen saffron yogurt by, change the colour of your house and make it look completely new.
19 December 2013

Christmas Night & Day

MUNICH: When I enter the fine flower shop Blumen Company by Julius Linke in Munich’s Gärtnerplatzviertel, I do not have to do a lot of talking. I just give him some keywords, some colours, maybe a pattern patch of a tablecloth and a wish list of my favorite flowers of the season and Julius will come up with the most outstanding ideas for his famous Adventskränze and bouquets.

He mixes traditional flower ideas with a modern colour concept and he turns my Christmas room into a very special place during the holidays. Be inspired by Julius’ ideas of a perfectly decorated Christmas arrangement and visit his showroom, where you will also find interior, porcelain, candles from Denmark and freshly cut flowers.

Julius Linke created this Adventskranz for me. I just showed him a picture of my new red dress (by Fendi spring/summer 2014) and he came up with a wreath in different shades of red, I always look at the latest haute couture shows to get some colour and pattern ideas for the Kranz, in the case of the toffee coloured Kranz I thought of Valentino (left) and Christian Dior (right side), decorate your Christmas room with beautiful porcelain stuffed with fruits of the season, a great idea when you leave your home for a vacation right after Christmas day, the textures of different greens always make a beautiful combination for a unique Advent wreath.

Some ideas from the German florist Julius Linke who owns the Blumen Company:

Wie schmückst Du am liebsten ein paar Tannenzweige?
Am liebsten mit Hagebutte oder Ilexbeerenzweigen, etwas vergoldeter Magnolie und unterschiedliche Tannen- oder Koniferen-Sorten.
Ein “Must” für den Adventskranz?
Zapfen (vorzugsweise Pinienzapfen oder gesammelte kleinere Kiefernzapfen vom Winterspaziergang), je nach Laune auch gerne mit etwas “bling-bling” Glimmer
Nüsse oder Granatäpfel
Was machst Du mit kahlen Zweigen, wenn Du sie in eine Vase stellst?
Das Gefäß sollte der Blickfang sein . Entweder lasse ich die Zweige pur oder stecke rote Ilexbeerenzweige und langstielige Blumen dazu, wie Lilie oder Amaryllis. Bei Magnolienzweigen erblüht die Pracht selbst und daher ist kein Beiwerk notwendig.
Wie hält der Adventskranz oder Tannenbaum möglichst lange?
Frische Ware im Fachhandel kaufen!! Keine Discounterware oder Ware aus dem Baumarkt.
Möglichst weit weg von extremen Wärmequellen wie Heizung oder Kamin aufstellen.
Einen Weihnachtsbaumständer mit Wasserreservoir benutzen.
Wenn Du ein Bouquet zusammenstellst, worauf achtest Du, wenn es um verschiedene Duftkombinationen geht?
Wichtig ist, dass die Duftkombinationen sich nicht konkurrieren sondern ergänzen, wie ein Parfum. Und vor allem gilt: nicht zu viel mischen!
Wie sieht Dein Weihnachtstisch/-zimmer aus?
Mein Esstisch ist mit einem Kranz mit einer dicken roten Kerze natürlich “dekoriert”, wie der Baum im Wohnzimmer, keine Schleifen oder Glimmer dieses Jahr. In den Buchskugeln draußen leuchten viele Lichter.

Tannenbaum oder Adventskranz?
Ein 3m hoher Baum mit 650 Lichtern, unterschiedlichen Grünsorten (verschiedene Koniferen und Lorbeer), im Baum zusätzlich und rote Ilexbeeren und alten Gablonzer Weihnachtsschmuck, passend zum Esstisch.
Wer nicht viel Zeit hat und es trotzdem weihnachtlich haben möchte , der kauft sich in Deinem Geschäft…

Eine unterschiedliche Ansammlung verschiedener Stumpenkerzen, entweder in ähnlichen Farben oder auch bunt gemischt und stellt alles zusammen dann auf ein Tablett oder Holzbrett auf den Boden oder Tisch. Toll sind auch immer Frischblumen.
Benutzt Du zu den Adventskerzen noch zusätzlich Duftkerzen? Wenn ja, welche?
Ja. Natürlich von Voluspa oder Christian Tortu aus dem Sortiment meines Ladens.

13 December 2013

Champagne, please!

BERLIN: Meet up with your girlfriends at the Vox Bar at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin. There is no better place to spend the blue hour in town during early dark afternoons and foggy mist outside. Listen to some fine tunes, chatting your time away and enjoying one or two glasses of  ice cold Champagne. The second order will be taken care of by the Hotel, isn't that nice?

I also love the Grand Hyatt because of the perfect rooftop pool for my morning swim, the light decor in the room and the spacious bathrooms with the perfect lighting to look almost perfect.

For more information look at the WOMEN in TOWN program.

I enjoyed especially the light, spacious design of the hotel room with its large window front and stunning view of Berlin. Take advantage of the rooftop pool and take your morning strokes surrounded by the skyline of Berlin, the marble bathroom has the perfect lighting and all the facilities needed, like a yoga mat, special hairdryer and anything else a girl would need, the bar is a fantastic meeting point for business & leisure
9 December 2013

The Fine Line

MUNICH: You should wear your jewellery in a certain way. I do not want to say with allure but I mean be aware of what you wear and how you wear it. The Munich-based jewellery designer Saskia Diez knows exactly how to put everything together. All pieces she creates seem to blend in together with her way of dressing, her skin, her look and her sensibility for design, form and material.

When I first met her in Berlin during Fashion Week this summer her wooden pearl neck collier immediately got my attention. She seemed to be the ideal person to ask all the questions I always wondered about wearing jewellery the perfect way.

Read below the exclusive interview.

Wooden pearl necklace, several designs for fingers and wrists, blue paper bag and more necklaces, knotted silver bracelet and gold & silver scent by Geza Schön for Saskia Diez

Talking with Saskia Diez about Jewellery

How do you go about designing a piece of jewellery?
In general I take some aspect, it can be tiny, but something that grabs my interest. Something that I would like to create a story around.

When you think of gold, what comes to your mind first? And how about silver?

Gold: glowing warmth.
Silver: mysterious light.

Do you treat your skin specially before putting on a piece of jewellery?
No. In general I am not too busy with my skin treatment.

When getting dressed, do you  make your choice first about the dress or the piece of jewellery?
It goes hand in hand. A union. But it happens that I want to wear a certain piece of jewellery and then I think what dress suits it best and goes with my mood.

How do you take care of your jewellery?
I mostly hang the pieces separately. And when silver pieces are oxidized I polish them with a special piece of cloth.

How do you storage your treasures?
I hang them separately.

Where do you go for inspiration?

For me travelling is very inspiring. Already the fact of moving, of walking, of going somewhere makes my thoughts wander and look around.

Is there a book, music, movie or theater play that inspired you for a certain collection?

Ultrafine has a connection to this story of the emperor’s new clothes. Because the necklace is so delicate, you hardly see it, it’s just a glance. It is “as light as a spider’s web: One would think he had nothing on; but that is just the beauty of it.”

How would you describe the feeling of wearing a piece of your collection?
I want you to feel more secure, more mature, more beautiful while wearing a piece of mine. More you.

When you start sketching for a piece, how do you come up with a certain idea, where do you look for inspiration?
A material, a mood, a detail, a technique.

Your scent, Gold & Silver smells of......? And what do these ingredients mean to you personally?
Silver smells of ginger, juniper, coriander, iris, among others. Especially the ginger for me is this mysterious lightness, this sharpness, this concentration that silver means to me.
Gold smells of juniper as well, ambra, magnolia, musk. It has a deepness, a richness, a warmth, a strange beauty.

Your favorite piece, and how do you wear it?
At the moment I often combine some super delicate pieces like the wire rings, a little star on the ear, a superfine bracelet together with a more showing piece from the lace collection, like the lace choker or lace body. And some Gold or Silver perfume, for sure.
I usually wear not more than one eye-catching piece.

Which kind of jewellery inspires you? Are there any other jewellery designers you like to look at?
I am kind of accessible to these beach vendors, no matter how trashy their collections are. But I always have this childish joy of looking through everything as if it was a big treasure box. I like to look, still seldom buy. In general I like to look at traditional jewellery, from India, where every region has its own techniques and styles, from Africa, from Russia, ethnic jewellery. I like the pieces the most where you have a lot of history inside, of a country, of people, of a clan.

Your favorite colour?

This changes with my mood, with the weather, the season. The colours I wear most are black, dark blue, nude, pink, some green, some turquoise.
The paper bag designs and your jewellery collection both symbolises much sensitivity and fragility. Is there a special reason?
I like pieces that look super fragile but in fact they resist a lot and are much stronger than you think. I like touching borders. 

2 December 2013

Merry Christmas from IRMA

I like to select very personal and unique writing accessories on my desk. It looks good and gives me plenty of inspiration while writing a card or daydreaming watching the birds fly by.

LONDON: I love to write cards, not only for Christmas, but I also write my Thank You notes by hand, party & dinner invitations and also happy thoughts to my friends. The Holiday season is the perfect moment to start writing cards. Take a beautiful pen, sit somewhere nice, make yourself a cup of tea and think about all your loved one whom you want to wish Happy New Year or just want to say hello.

The IRMA Christmas Card set (black ink printed on white 300 mg mat cards) comes with 10 superior white quality envelopes and a beautiful silk ribbon to your house in the next couple of working days for the unique price of 39 euros plus shipping fee.


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