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26 November 2013

Count the Days & Win

MUNICH: Celebrate the days before Christmas with an IRMA ADVENT CALENDAR that hold a famous IRMA tip for each of the 24 days before Christmas. How does IRMA celebrate Christmas Eve? Learn about her last-minute styling tips before hitting the most glamorous Christmas party and find out how she recovers afterwards and enjoys a perfect walk through a snowy landscape. And on the 24th of December you still can still use the IRMA Calendar as decorative piece of art in your living room. Happy holidays!

Be among the first: Like IRMA on Facebook and the first 10 likes will win an IRMA Advent Calendar.

After Christmas let the calendar be a piece of decorative art in your home.
19 November 2013

Objets Trouvées

MUNICH: Looking for unique craftsmanship, fine porcelain, living objects, materials or tapestries? Britta Peters gets great pleasure from travelling the world to find all these treasures and more. In her Munich showroom she exhibits in a way that mixes old with new, traditional with eccentric and still stays authentic and true to herself as she only sells what she really likes.

Her talent as an interior designer can be seen in many residences, shops and work spaces around Europe. I like the way she works with colours and materials and combines ethnic elements in a different way, so that the objects themselves tell a story.

Besides, Britta is an excellent cook and hostess. Whether she is furnishing a room or making dinner, she stays true to herself and starts with the most honest ingredients to make something special.

I talked to her about preparing dinner for some friends.

When you invite friends for dinner, what do you think about first?
I'm thinking of 6-8 interesting and exciting friends in a good mood.

Is there a certain rule you follow when thinking about a mix of people?
No, it is just my gut feeling.

How about collecting plates and glasses, any tips?
I love the flea markets in the south of France and once a year in Lille.

Do you mix your porcelain or do you stay in one brand, topic, color, etc.?
I mix porcelain, ceramics and glass, also napkins in different colors.

If you mix different kind of tablewear, what are your advice and rules?
Personally I like the difference. For example rough farmer linen napkins with fine porcelain from Limoge. I think people are more relaxed when the table doesn't look so formal. Therefore I just take tablecloth for Christmas and New Year in one color to make it elegant.

Your favorite smell while enjoying a dinner with friends?
I love the candles from Mizensir, my favorite fragrance is Orchidée and Chocolat.

If you do not have much time to prepare a dinner for six, what would you serve?
I would start with little appetizers from a Lebanese or Turkish deli. Hummus, tabbouleh and olives with warm pita bread, served with a cold beer or white wine from Germany in the kitchen. It's always cosy and I can prepare the main course in the meantime, like a lamb or beef stew with oven-roasted vegetables.

Your favorite drink at the moment during a blue hour?
I like Kir Royal.

Your favorite dessert? And how do you serve it?
Soft vanilla ice cream with meringues and raspberries.

Candles or different light sources during dinner, what do you prefer?
Candles are my favorites. I place little ones directly on a nice saucer.

How do you find new kinds of tablewear, linen & glasses for your shop?
On my trips all over the world. I found wonderful tablewear in Sri Lanka, ceramics in Hampshire, glasses in London...

When you think about flowers on the dining table, what comes to your mind?
Two or three little vases with flowers from the garden are more than a bouquet of flowers.

How would you make a breakfast in bed enjoyable?
A large tray, a fresh fruit salad, toast with homemade jam and mugs with tea and coffee, don't forget the newspaper.

Your favorite herbs when cooking?
Rosemary and garlic.

You also will find unique pieces of clothing, jewellery and shoes at Britta Peter's store, Britta looking for fine craftsmanship in France, a set of beautiful plates & napkins, the jewellery designer Pippa Small who will sell her exclusively designs at Britta's store from November, a summer set table by Britta Peters, unique treasures in the store at the beautiful Gärtnerplatzviertel
12 November 2013

Today I shop at H&M

IRMA's favorite Isabel Marant for H&M outfits

PARIS: After we have seen the great outfits from Isabel Marant for H&M on the citylight and glossy pages, we cannot wait to get our hands on them this Thursday by 10:00 o'clock. Hopefully you have done your research so that you can quickly decide which pieces to grab when the stores open their doors.....

My H&M shopping tips:

1. The first pictures of the models and stars are out. Look at them closely and see how the actual must-have dress looks when it is worn in daily life.
2. Check out to look at the upcoming summer 2014 collection by Isabel Marant, also look at styles and accessories from previous collections to get inspired.
3. Don't go to the shop on the first day and stand in line. Rather wait a couple of days for returns and then grab your favorite pieces. Or shop in tranquility online at ten o'clock in the morning with a hot tea next to you on the sofa.
4. If the online shop breaks down because of high demand, take your phone and ring the H&M hotline number to tell your personal assistant exactly what you want.
5. Why not look also at the men's collection...? Take a chunky sweater in size S and pair it with your skinny jeans.

H&M party time in Paris, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing an Isabel Marant dress for H&M, Kirsten Dunst wearing the same dress with flats…, January Jones, Audrey Tautou, Isabel Marant and Freida Pinto rock the house at the H&M party

6 November 2013

Detox Day & Night

MUNICH: The other day when I was walking along the Isarauen with our dog Polly I felt the strong urge to completely cleanse my body before it will be getting cold and icy outside.

I went to the Viktualienmarkt and bought all kinds of fruits and vegetables by colour and decided to take a day off, enjoy the fresh air and put some beautiful thoughts and pictures in my mind.

But when the sun went down I felt all of a sudden very tired and decided to take an early rest. I took my clothes off and stuck my green tea detox patches by Dream On from The Toxic Twins on my feet. They will stay on all night and do the rest of the clean-up while I am sleeping.

The next morning I felt fresh and revived, the patches had changed their colour into a darker shade which must have been all the evil wanting to get out of my system. A day and night can make a big change.

My liver detox juice:
For this juice I use dandelion and some other great greens. They are high in calcium and other essential minerals, loaded with antioxidants, are anti-inflammatory and best of all, are the ultimate detoxing green.
Why dandelions? The ones bought in a health food store, these hearty, organic greens have a long history of use as an herbal remedy for anything from promoting gastrointestinal health to restoring proper immune function. They are also an extremely effective diuretic which helps to support the draining organs such as the liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

1 romaine lettuce
4 celery stalks
1 handful of parsley
1 handful of dandelion greens
1 apple

My liver detox recipe that works wonders, beautiful pictures for the mind, a fresh cleansing salad works wonders: organic mixed salad greens, garlic herbs, zucchini, parsley, cilantro, scallions and basil, walk along the water, no matter if it is the sea, a lake or a river.


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When in Munich my
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