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26 September 2013

Nice View

IRMA sketch for a cocktail dress, Dolce & Gabbana inspiration for the Fall/Winter 2013, my sketching paper, a pink Carven coat, me sketching, Saint Laurent pattern mix, the best Pental Sign Pen, Burberry Prosum is getting graphic, my Farber & Castell color aid, close-up of Lanvin Autumn/Winter 2013, my desk

MUNICH: One of my favourite assignments is to do window decorations, especially for the Munich based luxury fashion store THERESA. The shop is located right in the city centre and has a beautiful large window front that needs strong visuals and is a fantastic showcase for my illustrations of the new collections you find inside.

I start with looking for the most impressive visual of the new season and than the colour schemes, different movements, postures and textures which inspire my final sketches for the windows. I love to work with patterns or objects that become a pattern, like for example the pink boxes on IRMA’S bike. In the end I come up with a little drawn fashion story, which hopefully inspires people to walk straight into the shop to buy the latest fashion.

It makes me happy to see that in Germany illustration is so strong at the moment and that many other stores take their inspiration from THERESA and work with drawn images. Follow me and see what’s coming up next ...

The THERESA Shop Front on Maffaistrasse in Munich, the light boxes at night
20 September 2013

To Make Things Happen

LONDON: When you follow me on my monthly column in the German edition of GLAMOUR Magazine you already know by now that I am passionate about making my own clothes.

Not that I am very talented with the sewing machine but mostly I like to rethink my clothes, add something to them, change the proportion or just make them look new and different every season.

While looking at my favorite shows during London Fashion Week I got so inspired that I wanted to start right away creating something new. Then I found THE MAKERY in London, a creative hub, where people can come and learn countless new skills as well as have lots of fun in a relaxed and welcoming place.

The staff of THE MAKERY is committed to help anyone who wants to be creative, learn to live more resourcefully and have thoroughly good fun. And in the end you go home with something you have created yourself. Spending your time like this will just make you very happy.

1. & 2. Vivienne Westwood Red Label, 3. Christopher Kane, 4. Daks, 5. Mary Katrantzou, 6. Daks, 7. Christopher Kane, 8. Paul Smith, 9. Christopher Kane
17 September 2013

Google your Style

NEW YORK: New York is one of those cities where your eye will always catch a well-dressed woman on the street or at least a stylish  girl who looks like she has just picked up the right clothes to wear in only five seconds and still looks very cool.

This New York Fashion Week (5-12 September 2013) I thought about what and how I would wear my clothes if I lived in the city and how my style would change according to the area.

Find your way on my spring/summer 2014 fashion map:

NEW JERSEY: Easy family style, chic and easy-to-wear pieces with lots of colours even during grey days.

UPPER WEST SIDE: Chic with a hint of bohemian, classy but with an edge.

UPPER EAST SIDE: Go for the European brands or the classy American designers. I still think Calvin Klein and for now Victoria Beckham. Clean and slick. Just wear a beautiful dress and now bag!

THE BRONX: Cool, tall girls with beautiful postures and golden skin wear anything that fits and still look like fairies. Mix super cool with a classic preppy style and you get TheRow.

BROOKLYN: Even if you do not have children or are just about to write another bestseller you still look like you are busy with your beautiful siblings all day long and besides manage your own food shop, book store or tea lounge. Wear comfortable, cool clothes that look easy and mix them with exotic jewellery that you bring back home from your far-away journeys.

HARLEM: Marc Jacobs collection inspires me to go out and about in Harlem. Try to wear a wig on your head.

Look out for new kids on the block. Parsons New School of Design (I got my Master of Fine Arts there) now shows their own collection. Finally some art students who make wearable clothes that look like they come from NYC.

15 September 2013

Last Night of Summer

SAINT PAUL DE VENCE: One last note regarding my endless summer vacation. The last night in August, a couple of weeks ago we had the most delicious dinner with friends at their restaurant in Saint Paul de Vence. Nathalie and Fred own the Restaurant, Le Tilleul, which is located in the old village of St. Paul just when you enter the old entrance to the village. We sat at a sunny place under a hundred year old lime tree and enjoyed being at a friend`s owned restaurant without the need of reading the menu and making our own choice.

Fred is half French, half Swedish. He grew up in Saint Paul and then lived in Munich, where he met his wife Nathalie, who has a French mother and a German father. Some years ago they decided to return to live in Saint Paul and manage their restaurant with lots of love and care. While Fred is always looking around to see if all his guests are happy and enjoying the evening, Nathalie tells me about their endless ideas of making Le Tilleul unique and even in the winter months when the French Riviera is less crowded worth visiting for a lunch outside in the autumn sun or an evening with friends in their cosy interior of the restaurant which is designed by the French interior designer Jacqueline Morabito.

After a coupe of chilled Champagne we eat Tuna Sashimi, Foie Gras, bean salad and chilled Gazpacho. You can smell, see and taste that everything is freshly cooked by the Chef with organic ingredients and ripe tasty vegetables and herbs. The main course is sole with sautéed vegetables and for desert I chose a Vacherin which is a typical desert for this region. A meringue with a scoop of homemade coconut ice-cream, topped with red berries, ripe melon and tropic fruits. We drink their house rosé which comes in a beautiful handwritten labeled bottle (also designed by Jacqueline Morabito).

We will come back in December for a lunch outside, wrapped in blankets, our faces warmed by the Riviera's winter sun enjoying a light lunch with Fred & Nathalie.

Some Questions for the Chef

What is the idea of your restaurant, Le Tilleul?
Create a cosy, nice and welcoming place with a good atmosphere, in summer as well as in wintertime, with the aim to propose original and good food. Our biggest pleasure is when our guests are leaving satisfied and happy about the time they spend in our place.

Your favorite dish in autumn?
Knuckle of veal, longtime cooked with vegetables of the season
Duck breast roasted with figs, smashe “vitelotte” potatoes, tender sauce

Any herb or spice your Chef likes most and why?
coriander and lemongrass, he likes a lot to mix special flavours to his creations and wants to propose a innovating cusine

How would you like to enjoy a simple lunch at Le Tilleul?
“Salade niçoise” with fresh semi-cooked tuna, poached egg
Piece of beef, mashed potatoes flavoured with olives from Taggiasca
Coffee served with typical little French pastry

Tell me the story of your house rosé which comes in a beautifully designed bottle?
It was when we finally decided to take advice from a professional to do a redesign of our restaurant that we got the chance to meet Jacqueline Morabito. She’s a fantastic, passionate and famous interior designer with many many talents. She creates not only houses and their interieurs, but also objects and… food packaging especially for her own collection LE PETITE EPICERIE de Jacqueline Morabito (delicious Italian products!). So she has been asked from the Domaine Château Léoube to take care of their design, “entre autre” for their precious cuvée “Secrèt de Léoube”. Looking at this resplendence and the original design of this bottle “sérigraphié par Jacqueline Morabito”, it seemed just natural propose this delicious rosé to our clients and to present these beautiful bottles as an element of decoration in our restaurant.

The village of Saint Paul de Vence, perfect quick lunch: baguette au jambon, Asian inspired wraps and tartes au fromboise ou fraise, Coquis Saint Jaques with sautéed vegetables and the idyllic village of Saint Paul is just beauty full in autumn.
4 September 2013

Sunday Lunch

LICHTENAU/MIESBACH: All you need for a sunny lunch outside is a bunch of delightful friends, a perfect garden with a view, a sunny day, lots of time and the best ingredients from a local market put together. Find my personal advice below for a beautiful lunch outside.

IRMA’S TIPS (visuals from top left to bottom right):

- Get someone in charge of the kitchen. In my case it is my father, who is an excellent cook and has a great understanding of true ingredients. He seasons his dishes with fresh herbs and spices and tells the rest of us what to prepare when.

- A beautiful view makes a perfect scenery for every meal outside. Smell the grass and the trees around you while you sip your chilled rosé and stay out until long after dark.

- Have a lot of chilled citrus fruits in your kitchen for chilled freshly made juices. They give you a perfect feel if you had too many drinks in the sun. Season the juices with fresh mint or organic lemon peel.

- My mother is an artist when it comes to table decoration. You just send her out in the garden and kindly ask her to come up with something nice to put on the table. These different tree limbs of my apple tree make the most beautiful table decoration.

- Different salads are a perfect match for any grilled fish or meat. I always experiment with different ingredients while my dressing stays the same: olive oil, apple aceto vinegar, shallots, salt & pepper, a little Dijon mustard and lots of fresh herbs. I also added grilled sliced chorizo sausage to fresh garden leaves, cooked wheat berries, olives and shaved Piave cheese. Roasted nuts add up to a perfect taste so the salad can be also eaten on its own.

- A perfect time saver is frozen puff pastry. You just roll it out and throw any vegetables and cheese on top. I have them always in my freezer so I can do endless “pizzas” for the second appetite...

- One of my favorite antipasti is crostini. You just buy a nice loaf of bread with nuts and seeds, grill it and make your own vegetable spread on top of it. I tried smashed beet with crispy grilled chickpeas and mint.

- Don’t forget to invite some children along, they add up to the joy of the day. Well behaved dogs may also be part of the party. Our dog Polly found some chilled, peaceful moments in the middle of the flowerbed.

- Stay light after a long meal. One of my favorite desserts on a hot day is grapefruit & elderflower gelatine. Make it tasty with pink champagne and elderflower liqueur.

- I always have some tasty apples on my table after a long meal. The children love them in between and they are of great help to the ones with too many drinks as they neutralize the acid of the alcohol in our blood.


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When in Munich my
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