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26 October 2012

Souvenir Rooms

LONDON: The stylist Sibella Court created a three-dimensional Diary in her interior book “NOMAD: Bringing Your Travels Home” (Murdoch Books), which shows beautiful photographs shot by her brother Chris Court while travelling around the world and when coming back home to Australia. There is nothing more rewarding than collecting everything unique from a journey, the suitcase full of treasures which can only be found wherever I just came from. Sibella Court got inspired by Syria, Mexico, the Amalfi Coast, India and Tokyo, she brought back photographs, ideas, anecdotes and mementos which she used to redecorate her friends’ houses in Sydney, Australia. Actually it could be anywhere and the photographs show how you can translate your most favorite place on earth wherever you are.

From top left to right: A room in a room from Syria, sleep well in India, a table-setting in Goa, mix & match from Syria, a family dinner table in Italy, how to keep your souvenirs organised inspired in Italy

14 October 2012

Autumn Cooking

MIESBACH: Last weekend  I invited a couple of friends to our country house in Bavaria where we spent a lovely day cooking, sitting in the sun, picking apples in the garden and reading various cooking books. We couldn’t decide on what to cook first and how to change recipes so that they got a certain twist. For some reason I always get into cooking during autumn, maybe because the fruits and legumes look just the most beautiful during that time or maybe because I just want to get extra healthy for the long winter to come.
Below you will see some ideas we realised on that beautiful, still warm autumn day in October.

Peeled dattorino tomatoes with grilled skinless red bell peppers and lemon, olive oil dressing and fresh basil
Brown rice marinated with Persian yellow saffron, dried blueberries, pan-fried zucchini, celery and red carrots, topped with fresh pomegranate seeds, sprinkle with a light lemon, olive oil dressing
without tuna, but yellow, red and green tomatoes (the last from this summer), poached haricot vert, dattorino tomatoes, tiny potatoes, baby spinach leafs and a fresh mint olive oil dressing
With honey squash, grilled baby zucchini, yellow, honey covered squash, raw beetroot and fresh arugula salad. Grill the honey covered squash, sliced pear and zucchini first, let it cool down and mix together with the raw beetroot and arugula salad together, sprinkle with the olive oil, French mustard dressing and top it with feta cheese if you like.

TIP: We used lots of fresh herbs which we soaked in olive oil for a couple of hours. When we pan-fried the vegetables we used coconut butter, Ghee or olive oil and we used sea salt and fresh grained black peppercorns

Above: Tomato still life, last blossoms from my garden for this year, multicoloured saffron rice, Salade Nicoise in remembrance of the Côte d’Azur, my dog Polly, the beautiful apples from my garden, friend’s children playing in the still warm autumn sun, Garden Pear salad, fresh mint tea for after dinner, a present from Tokyo, beautiful fresh packaged fruit, Salade Nicoise again because we cannot get enough of it

14 October 2012

Winter Knits

LONDON: If you have stored your favorite knits in the right way, you will unpack them now and be delighted how lovely they look. Otherwise you might have to rethink your warm cover-up for the forthcoming winter season which can be fun as well with lots of new designers like Michael van der Ham for Brora, Garzon & Rosie Sugden, to name a few. Or you can redesign your own sweaters with changing the arm pieces or adding white collars or fur details. Be creative and have fun. If you want to get precise instructions for a jumper change, buy the November issue, coming out on the 15th, of German Glamour magazine and read my MODE ATELIER for how-to instructions.

To find out more about wool, sweaters, storage and tips, read page 18/19 in my new IRMA book, IRMAS STYLE GUIDE, arsEdition.

Above: My favorite winter sweater by Chloe, models at the Rodart show, a colour inspiration... for a Celine jumper, worn by Lindsey, H&M shades of grey, inspiration for a sweater change, My Rodart jumper still lovely after good storage

10 October 2012

Ich lese und gewinne

MÜNCHEN: Endlich ist es so weit – ich halte mein neues Buch in der Hand. Mein erster Eindruck: Alles ist gut, das Papier ist wunderbar, die schwarz/weiß-Illustrationen fordern sofort zum aus- und anmalen auf und ich kann es kaum erwarten mit einem Marker und einer Tasse heißem Tee mir alles noch mal genau durchzulesen. So wie Sie, liebe Leser, denn wenn man das erste Mal den Text schwarz auf weiß gebunden in den Händen hält, liest sich alles noch mal ganz anders. Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Spaß beim Lesen und Gewinnen. Denn mit etwas Glück erwartet Sie ein traumhaftes Wochenende, zusammen mit Ihrer besten Freundin.

These picture have been taken all along writing this book, from top left to right: Me, in front of the Casino on the Lido di Venezia; my writing desk in my country house; working on my brush strokes; reading, reading, reading....; my favorite bookstore, Buchhandlung Werner in Munich, where I always find great inspiration; trying to find my way in Tokyo’s ISETAN Department Store; the view from my room at the Park Hyatt, Tokyo; reading the Sunday papers in my lovely garden in London; our dog Polly who had lots of patience waiting for me to go out for a walk; my favorite moment, sketching; Me on my way in India

8 October 2012

Bring Flowers Home

PARIS: After seeing so many summer outfits at the Paris fashion shows I feel like buying tons of flowers for my home. I use several vases all together and put all different kinds of autumn flowers and leaves inside. Autumn is also the perfect time to rethink your living and working space. The colours and light are the most beautiful of the entire year and I always prolong the sunny days with a lovely bouquet of my favorite flowers. While walking through Paris I came to the conclusion that I find in the city the best flower shops in the world to seek some inspiration.

From top to bottom: Paris is green, Wallpaper design from Cole & Son, Flowers at Merci department store, The Flower Room at the Ritz Hotel, Chair installation by Twin Intertwined Masters chair by D Squared for Kartell, my favorite flower shop in Paris, handmade decorating birds by Abigail Brown,, bonne chance plant, when in Paris order your flowers at natur’elle


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When in Munich my
favorite store to look
for the best selection
of clothes is THERESA.
The staff is competent
and always has the
best ideas for styling
and mixing different
designers together.