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30 March 2012

Wild Life

French florist Thierry Boutemy
Boutemy’s floral artistry
Frida Kahlo, one of his many inspirations
The Hänsel and Gretel hut
Boutemy decorated the Fiat 500 in front of MERCI shop in Paris

Brussels: Thierry Boutemy is an artisan fleuriste who lives and works in Brussels. He is an artist and ever since he did the prop design for Sofia Coppola’s movie Marie Antoinette in 2006, he is the darling of the fashion world, giving photographers and designers more inspiration with the idea of incorporating wild flowers in their images. He built a frame of hydrangea on the catwalk of the Lanvin menswear show in 2007, created a flower prop for a shoot in American Vogue for Lady Gaga and is famous for his living installations.

28 March 2012

Mix & Match, Madrid

Lorenzo Castillo showroom
IRMA finds inspiration for her home in Madrid
Lorenzo Castillo showroom
Lorenzo Castillo, Studio Lazaro

MADRID: I just had breakfast at the recently renovated Hotel Santo Mauro in Madrid. Starting with its exclusive address, there are many nice things to say about this place. There is an Arabian-style indoor pool. Rooms are lavish, with Persian rugs and the latest technology at your disposal. The interior makes a feast for your eyes and from here I will visit the creator and Spanish design talent Lorenzo Castillo in his showroom and house which is even more put together in an outstanding mix and match of unique objects, colours and textures. Be inspired for your own home and do not be afraid to mix the old with the new.

25 March 2012

The Silk Blouse

Designer Charles Sebline and muse Lady Sophie Hamilton
The private sale
Irina Lazareanu for hamilton-paris

MUNICH: On Monday and Tuesday you will find one of my favorite designers, Hamilton-Paris, in Munich with a unique selection of beautiful silk blouses, dresses and more for spring/summer.

When Sophie Hamilton met Charles Sebline she asked him to make her a blouse; it was the beginning of Hamilton-Paris, a collection that mixes Paris chic with London cool. Sophie has a great feeling for vintage, and set up the vintage corner at Dover Street Market, the uber-trendy London boutique. Charles was a designer at Yves Saint Laurent. I think that you will really enjoy what they have created.

PRIVATE SALE at Galerie Tanja Pol, Ludwigstrasse 7 (back building), 80539 Munich, 10 a.m. till 8:30 p.m.

23 March 2012

My Travel Case

Wei Beauty lychee mask
Shiffa relaxing hair oil
Gamila seccret soap
Alpienne’s Swiss stone pine climate control pillow

ZURICH: There are a few things which are always in my big tote when I board a plane or a train. They help me to make the best out of a journey, calm my skin, hair and mind and give me an instant lift when I get off my next destination.

  • The Swiss stone pine climate control pillow, the biological powers of stone pine in this pillow gives me the best sleep quality, optimum vegetative regulation and harmonising comfort when travelling during night time.
  • Relaxing Hair Oil by Shiffa, Dubai, a nourishing, soothing, perfumed hair oil to relax and repair the hair, scalp and mind.
  • Gamila Secret Soap, made in Galilee, Ahava’s Dead Sea water-based lotions. The rich mineral content is the best revitalizer for my skin after a long flight.
  • Wei Eas’s Noto Gingseng Repairing Hand cream combines Traditional Chinese Medicine with skincare benefits
My travel beauty kit
21 March 2012

Visual Therapy

Therme Vals’ mountain setting
Vals thermal baths
View from the pool
Austere beauty
The view from my room
IRMA goes for a walk in Vals, Graubünden, Switzerland

THERME VALS: Stone and water at various temperatures, the play of light changing continuously throughout the day, I find a mystic source of calm at Therme Vals. At the turnstile as you enter the Therme Vals there is a brass plaque pointing the way: “Therapie”. A stairway to the left leads below the bathing level to a floor dedicated to the wellbeing of the guests. The therapies and treatments offered here are designed to relieve tension and pamper: masks, exfoliation, baths, wraps, and massages.

Here, the Vals gneiss is polished and smooth – velvety concrete walls with noble brass doors on the mountain side; the treatment area on the valley side. Behind the brilliant blue Murano glass doors are the separate massage rooms, their walls and ceilings coated with metallic paint. A small square window frames the landscape: the guest’s own personal picture.

After your treatment, relax on a leather couch, have a cup of herbal tea, gaze through a large window at the opposite side of the valley, and enjoy the landscape and the stunning architecture by Pritzker Prize winner Peter Zumthor who built this oasis over thermal springs and whose perfect structures are pure relaxation for your eyes and mind.


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When in Munich my
favorite store to look
for the best selection
of clothes is THERESA.
The staff is competent
and always has the
best ideas for styling
and mixing different
designers together.