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28 February 2012

Art & Sleep

Ronin Cho’s interactive door, 2010
Martin Honert’s “Riesen”
Painting by Boo Ritson
Jill Mason’s head & mind bending landscapes

LONDON: Just imagine sleeping in a lovely hotel room among your most favorite artworks. This is now possible at the Hyatt Regency - The Churchill in London in association with the Saatchi Gallery. Book your limited-edition Saatchi Gallery Suite from the 1st of February till the 30th of April for 840 GBP a night and have a close look around your room when you open your eyes in the morning.

The first of a series of three exhibitions taking place at the hotel throughout 2012 opened on February 1st. Entitled “One Giant Leap,” the exhibition represented not only the huge step the Saatchi Gallery and Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill have taken in creating this unique partnership, but also an introduction to the wide range of works drawn from the Saatchi Gallery’s collection which has consistently had a reputation for being ground-breaking and innovative.

27 February 2012

The Gentlemen’s Shop

Spencer Hart
Start Tailoring
Trunk Clothiers
Couverture & The Garbstore
Goodhood store
Hostem, London, where I bought an Ann Demeulemeester pullover for myself

LONDON: London is the perfect town for men’s clothing. If you do not have an appointment with your tailor on Savile Road, have a look at a variety of new and unique menswear stores with a special atmosphere which also appeal to women. I am inspired by the presentation, the decor and of course the items for sale. Start with Hostem, on Redchurch Street; as I step through the doors, I feel an immediate sense of something more informed, of something executed with a little more élan, as a new men’s establishment in the heart of London’s East End. This enclave on Shoreditch’s Redchurch Street, is quietly assured and unique to the last.


  • Goodhood store, 41 Cornet Street
  • Couverture & The Garbstore, 188 Kensington Park Road
  • Trunk Clothiers, 8 Chiltern Street
  • Spencer Hart, 62-64 Brook Street
  • Start Tailoring, 40 Revington Street
24 February 2012

More Dots

Limited-edition Louis Vuitton handbag designed by Yayoi Kusama
Installation by Yayoi Kusama

LONDON: In evocative and ethereal style, the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama brings her unique vision to Tate Modern for a major and remarkable retrospective, in an exhibition that collects painting, sculpture, video and of course polka dots spanning her entire career. Until 5 June 2012

21 February 2012

It Works

Michael Childers’ The Hockney Swimmer (1978)

LONDON: This time I promised myself to be prepared against jetlag when I fly back home from New York to London. When flying east (say from New York to London) you should eat a handful of dried cherries (which have even greater levels of melatonin than fresh cherries) 30 minutes before trying to sleep. Once at your destination, you should eat a handful of cherries 30 minutes before going to bed every night for the same number of nights as the time change. (For a five-hour time difference, eat cherries for five consecutive nights.) When heading west, follow the same regimen, only eat your cherries the night before departure.
So instead of pretzels, long-haul flight attendants might want to consider handing out bags of dried cherries to passengers. According to Dr. Russel Reiter, a nutrition researcher and one of the world’s authorities on melatonin, cherries might indeed help fight jetlag. They contain melatonin, which is then absorbed into the blood stream influencing your biological clock, he said. And he is right. I just arrived in Heathrow, bright and awake.

18 February 2012

Spring Chic

Carnival of the Animals, 2011 Holiday windows at Bergdorf Goodman

NEW YORK: I am almost on my way back to the airport but before leaving New York I have to take one last look at the windows of Bergdorf Goodman. In December, when I was in New York the last time, they showcased the ‘Carnival of the Animals’ which took the decoration department almost a year to prepare. No surprise that the limited edition, handmade book “Windows at Bergdorf Goodman” by Assouline is a must-have in my library. For the spring/summer collection I was happy to see that the fine department store loves typography. So do I! And what a wonderful idea to showcase each designer by making a typographic statement: “Hello my name is… “

spring 2012 windows at Bergdorf Goodman


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When in Munich my
favorite store to look
for the best selection
of clothes is THERESA.
The staff is competent
and always has the
best ideas for styling
and mixing different
designers together.