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25 December 2012

Happy Holidays

LICHTENAU: Wherever you are I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Enjoy a peaceful Christmas with your family and friends and indulge yourself with lots of free time. I will take long walks in the forest, spend time in my cosy kitchen, keep on baking Christmas cookies and spend the evenings reading the books I got for Christmas in front of the fire place.

22 December 2012

The Art of Cooking

LONDON: If you are lucky you will receive an invitation to one of Valeria Napoleone’s famous dinner parties those days. She is one of London’s most powerful art collectors (she only collects female artists) and is known for her dinners at her Kensington Palace where she will cook her native Italian specialties for artists like Ed Ruscha and David Hockney. She is a great cook and this month you can buy her first cook book, Valeria Napoleone’s Catalogue of Exquisite Recipes (Walther Konig), which is entirely illustrated with artworks of her favorite artists. So the book is two in one, you will have a feast for the eye and be inspired for your own dinners with friends by Valeria’s fantastic recipes, for example veal in Marsala or the Zabaglione Mousse, illustrated by artist Julie Verhoeven.


Valeria Napoleone in her Kensigton Palace, London, art work by Linder, Valeria on top of her interior style , Valeria as a child with her stylish mother and sister, cooking from the art book, Valeria’s house is crowded with artwork

18 December 2012

Fine Difference

LONDON: There are always two possibilities when it comes to a sweet indulgence. Either you go for the traditional, heavy, rich, fantastic, delicious way or you choose the healthy variation of a lighter but also fine tasting recipe for your Christmas cookies. I recently bought myself the latest book by pastry chef Richard Bertinet, “Pastry”, published by Ebury and ever since I like the smell of vanilla, butter and almonds in my kitchen. I almost try to bake one recipe per day during the last week before Christmas. My kitchen is already filled with racks of delicious shortbreads, pear frangipani tarts and glazed apple puff pastry...

In the book a whole section is given to biscuits; the apricot tart and all the fruit tartelets are wonderful, and the savoury pies and open tarts (salt pastry) should be baked and eaten immediately.

But I would also like you to get an idea of one of my favorite almond cookies, which are sugarless, gluten and lactose free but full of superfood goodies. They are made in minutes and you can eat as many as you like without any regrets. The good thing is that everything you bake can be unique Chrismas presents for your friends and family and your kitchen should be the cosiest room in your house just before Christmas.


You Need:

1 cup of spelt flour, 1 cup of fresh ground almonds, roast the almost slightly with a pinch of salt before graining, 1tsp of baking soda, a pinch of Himalaya salt, 1 cup of natural almond butter, 1/3 cup tahini, 1/2 cup of apple syrup, 1/3 cup of sunflower oil, 2 tsp vanilla extract, fresh grated lemon zest, about 20 whole roasted almonds for decoration.

How to bake them:

Mix all the dry ingredients together and add all the soft ones afterwards in one big mixing bowl. As mentioned above roast the almonds lightly in a frying pan, without any added oil before you grain them in a food processor. Mix everything well together with a folk or your hands and form round cookies. After placing all the cookies on a baking tray add the freshly grated lemon zest on top and decorate each cookie with a roasted almond. Bake for 15 Minutes in a 160 degree temperature maximum. The cookies should be light brown and of a fine sable texture. I store them in an open tin wrapped slightly in silk paper.

From top left to bottom right: All delicious pastry from Richard Bertinet’s latest cooking book Pastry, last bottom picture – my homemade almond cookies

15 December 2012

Presents from Elsewhere

CANNES: The weekend before Christmass I am taking a flight to Nice and book a room with a view at the Hotel Martinez on the La Croisette in Cannes. When I am lucky I will have a week end of warm winter sun and I will take long lunches at the beach (for example at Plage l’Ondine) and afterwards go out looking for unique Christmas presents. Things which I will not find at any concept store in New York or any flagship store in London or Paris. Cannes is the perfect place to get presents for your loved ones. If you are strolling around la Rue d’Antibes or in the small side streets going from La Croisette, everything is within walking distance and if you open your eyes you will be surprised.

MY CHOICE (from top left to bottom right): Nina Ricci gowns from Jacques Loup, la Rue d’Antibes; vintage plates from the nearby pottery village Vallaurice or antiques from Galérie Saint Honoré (14 Rue Bivouac Napoléon) in Cannes; Bijoux fantasie from La Reminiscence, 51 Rue d’Antibes; L’Atelier Repetto, boutiquescannes[at], design your own personal colour combination ballerinas just like Brigitte Bardot; lingerie from Princesse Tam Tam, unique art from the 50s at the galleries on the Rue d’Antibes; my most favorite jewelry store is in the hotel lobby of the Hotel Carlton, you will find vintage jewels from Fred, Tiffany and Van Cleefs just like Grace Kelly did, unique beddings from Ahimsa, 148 Rue d’Antibes, ahimsa[at], beautifully packaged chocolates, candied fruits and pralines from Confiseur Schies.

12 December 2012

Let’s Go for Lunch

LONDON: What I like most about London at the moment is the ever changing and new ideas of restaurants, chefs, new delis, bars, and cooking books. In London you can eat everything at its best, whether it’s a Chinese restaurant in Soho or a new deli in Notting Hill or Shoreditch. When I am in London I love to go for lunch with friends or I go to Daunt Books in Marlybone and look up the latest cooking books. It gives me great inspiration for my own dinner parties at home and I always fit in a long hour lunch at my favorite places when I am in town.

From top left to bottom right: Granger and Co on Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill; Bill Granger, the Australian chef, cooks a great mixture of Mediterranean, Eastern and traditional English recipes; a rather light meal at St. John’s Bread and Wine in comparison to the St. John’s restaurant in the East End, where you just have to order meat with great side dishes; a light cupcake at Rose Bakery in Dover Street Market, great for a quick lunch; Mr. Fergus Henderson, the specialist in town when it comes to meat; Prework at The Duke of Cambridge, London’s only certified organic pub with best ingredients for their meals; the interior of Rose Bakery at the Dover Street Market, another favorite dish at St. John’s restaurant; after a long walk in Hampstead Heast I take a break for lunch at Ginger and White Cafe; lovely desserts on vintage plates at the Duke of Cambridge, I start my day with the best breakfast in town at Lantana Café; a dish from the latest Polpo Venetian Cook Book, spaghetti vongole, published by Bloomsbury, London.


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