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29 October 2011

The Club to Be

Silencio and guests having fun at Silencio

PARIS: Finally a club that is out of a movie. David Lynch’s film Mulholland Drive is the inspiration for SILENCIO, David Lynch’s new club which just opened in Paris in September. Go out dancing in an interior which is inspired by a typical Lynch movie set. Besides, there is a cinema – take a look at the ergonomic cinema seat below – an art library and a music stage.

27 October 2011

Bread & Butter

Bakers & Spice Bakery
Ottolenghi Deli

LONDON: Today I am looking for the finest bakers in town, artisanal bread, cupcakes, gingerbread, tarts and pomegranate-topped victoria sponges, all so good. Make your pick and buy your treats at Lily Vanilly Bakery or pile up with some new cookery books for the upcoming cold nights in your cosy kitchen.

My book selection:
”The Boy Who Bakes” by Edd Kimber
”Tea with Bea” by Bea Vo, the former pastry chef at Nobu
”Tea & Cake London”, the best directory for tearooms, cafes and bakeries in London

Cupcakes and cake from Lily Vanilly
24 October 2011

Fish Now

LONDON: Two places which just opened and got my attention because they have the freshest fish: The first one is Florence Knight’s new restaurant POLPETTO, where I just enjoyed a char-grilled squid covolo nero with chickpeas and for dessert the pistachio polenta cake. It was very good. And the second one is the new fish-and-chips shop THE SMOKEHOUSE in Folkstone, where Gordon Ramsay offers a more traditional English way of enjoying a good fish dish.

Polpetto restaurant and favorite dishes
21 October 2011

One Apple at a Time

IN MY GARDEN: Maybe you are lucky and you grow your own apples which you harvest by now. If not, go to your local organic food market and buy as many as you can carry. They are fresh and delicious now and they really make you strong and beautiful. My favorite is the Topaz, which is a little sour and very hard when you bite into it.

IRMA wears Isabelle Marent Jeans and a Roberto Cavalli blouse
Topaz apple
20 October 2011

Boys on Boards

VENICE BEACH, CALIFORNIA: While going down to Venice Beach for a lunch in the sun, I kept looking at the boys riding their skateboards. It really got me and I have to buy a skateboard now at ZJ Boarding House, a surf and skater shop.


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When in Munich my
favorite store to look
for the best selection
of clothes is THERESA.
The staff is competent
and always has the
best ideas for styling
and mixing different
designers together.