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28 January 2011

Getting in the Mood....

London: …for the beaches in Brazil.
Just looking at these pictures makes my day in foggy, rainy London.

25 January 2011

The Blog for Girls and Cars

Berlin: Finally a woman who knows all the essentials about cars. And, what is even more important, someone who has the guts and humour to tell us all what some of us don’t know yet, but should definitely start to think about. If I want to read something really entertaining about cars, then I read the blog, which is written in such a wonderful way only a woman who loves to drive could do.

18 January 2011

My Head Needs a Piece

Artwork by Greta

Paris: I am not leaving my house lately without wearing a hat. Or at least something on my head. My favorite place to buy outstanding headpieces is Maison Michel in Paris.

14 January 2011


IRMA is not usually dressed up for watching a movie, but she just got home from a party.

London: Take a look at the current art show “Aware: Art Fashion Identity” at the Royal Academy of Art in London until January 30th and get a fresh perspective on fashion as a product of culture, tradition and innovation.

10 January 2011

Perfect Now

London: I am sitting on my bedroom floor watching the fantastic movie “The American” by director and photographer Anton Corbijn. It is not only a suspenseful crime story told in great pictures and an interesting plot but also the perfect movie to watch at this time of the year. The countryside of the Abruzzo region, the great cast with George Clooney and the very sexy actress Violante Placido and the speed of direction is a perfect watch for the beginning of the New Year.


brings good news to you.
She lives and travels around
the world, stopping wherever
she sees something interesting,
reporting on what inspires her.
She finds beauty in the
most varied places,
from fashion shows
to art exhibits, from lonely
beaches to bustling cities.



When in Munich my
favorite store to look
for the best selection
of clothes is THERESA.
The staff is competent
and always has the
best ideas for styling
and mixing different
designers together.