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28 December 2010


Frankfurt: I am on my way to Goa to practice Oordhwa Padmasana on the beach with Gaby. Check out gogoa goyoga, a special yoga retreat with Gaby Haenseler which will start very soon next year. It is not only yoga, it is the essence of yoga, a spiritual journey, a day at the Anjuna Hippy markets, a way through the jungle garden, a talk to a monkey, the perfect view of the Arabian Sea and lots of Pranayama.

23 December 2010

The Day Before Christmas

Paris: Remember it is not the quantity but rather the quality of a great Christmas present that counts. I look all year long around the world for unique treasures for my beloved. At the last minute I find presents wherever I am the day before Christmas, for example at the following places in Paris:
DETAILLE, 10, Rue Saint Lazare, unique perfumes
AC, great colour pigments for painting
VALLOIS, for furniture and objects from the 30ies
FAUCHON, for everything that tastes just marvelous

20 December 2010

What’s in my cup?

IRMA wears a Missoni knitwear top and skirt, Ray Ban sunglasses.

London: Green & Black’s organic hot chocolate. The dark chocolate is blended with raw cane sugar and cocoa powder pressed from the same cocoa beans as the chocolate to add extra intensity. I add some dried hot peppers from the mill and I will no longer freeze tonight.

15 December 2010

The Nordic Taste

Copenhagen: After lots of sunshine in Los Angeles I dare to venture to Copenhagen, even in December when the daylight is short and the winds are cold. But still it is the right time to eat at NOMA, the fine Nordic gourmet restaurant which is known for its Nordic products, like Icelandic skyr curd, halibut and Greenland musk ox.

If you cannot go there now, order the new cook book, “Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine” by René Redzepi and get inspired for your own Christmas menu.

10 December 2010


Carrying a paper cup makes every outfit look very L.A.
Shopping for Christmas presents in Los Angeles: a vintage dog collar for my friend Caroline; a fast bike to go everywhere for the serious biker Edgar; and a 1970 Chloe dress designed by Karl Lagerfeld which I found at Decades.
Los Angeles: The city is a great place to buy presents for your friends for Christmas. I picked some which you can only find in Los Angeles. I had so much joy choosing those presents that it was worth every cent of it.

Munich: This winter I have my pillows, curtains and duvets nicely sewn by Mrs. Kazek, She can order any fine fabric and has plenty of talent to sew all my wishes come true.

If you happen to visit her upholstery and sewing studio in Munich you might find yourself redecorating your entire house. After all, I sleep in my bed almost every day and my pillows are the first thing I see when I open my eyes.


brings good news to you.
She lives and travels around
the world, stopping wherever
she sees something interesting,
reporting on what inspires her.
She finds beauty in the
most varied places,
from fashion shows
to art exhibits, from lonely
beaches to bustling cities.



When in Munich my
favorite store to look
for the best selection
of clothes is THERESA.
The staff is competent
and always has the
best ideas for styling
and mixing different
designers together.