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28 April 2010

Only five more days in Tokyo...

With the systematic yoga manual ASANA PRANAYAMA MUDRA BANDHA by Swami Satyananda Saraswati every Asana makes more sense. Remember 30 minutes of Yoga practice a day with the right understanding, breathing and chakra awareness makes you the master of your own body and mind.
My iPod becomes my underwater coach
SOME WATER PLEASE!Pure and simple water for the inside and the outside of my skin, at least 2.5 liters a day, always at room temperature and sometimes with a splash of lime juice.
Irma created the packaging for the organic cosmetics brand FANCL in Japan. Find out more on
Impressions from the Chanel spring / summer show 2010
A pin can do wonders to your hair. Create your own personal hairstyle with a little jewel in your hair, like Karl Lagerfeld has done for the Chanel spring/summer show 2010, where models looked like a modern version of Marie Antoinette playing peasant. You can create more volume by pushing up hair combs and pins under different layers of hair.
Bright eyes by Derek Lam and Christian Dior
My favorite color combination for eye shadow: orange & purple as eye shadow with a blue-green eyepencil and lavender, peach and icy blue lids with orange-red lipstick as seen at Dior.
I love the minimalist design and zen atmosphere at Hotel Claska.
In my bag I have a bottle of Sankara-branded Yakushima spring water which refreshes me all day long.
This is not an ordinary spa vacation. The location is unique: I have the ocean, the mountains and the rainforest all on one beautiful island in Japan, where I am getting a rest before diving into Tokyo to open my exhibition of fine art black ink and pencil drawings.
Sankara Hotel & Spa on the island of Yakushima, Japan
Narita Airport is the most organized airport I happen to know. The announcements made by ladies with very soft voices make me feel very calm and relaxed.
If you are in Tokyo tonight, you are sincerely invited to come to the Hillside Terrace Gallery where some work of mine will be shown among that of other artists from Europe and Japan. The show is curated by the well-known Taiko Hasegawa under the theme of ‘Fashion Lovers’ and is sponsored by the Fashion Department Store ISETAN in Tokyo.

FOOD  I will get a taste of Japanese eating culture in the famous DEPACHIKA (department-store-basement-food halls), including ISETAN.

At night I will start my evening with friends at QUINTESSENCE, one of the toughest-to-secure reservations. This three-Michelin-starred restaurant of Japanese-inflected French fare is a good place to enjoy fantastic food and watch the crowed. For less hoopla but the best raw fish in town, I will eat at least one night at SUSHI MIZUTANI, 8-2-10 Ginza, Chuoku 3-3573-5258.
SUSHI AT DAWN  at Tsukiji, the world’s largest fish market, I will watch an auction of the most treasured tuna fish and then enjoy breakfast at a tiny Sushi Dai.
ART & PEACE  After looking at the beautiful Japanese ceramics and paintings in the NEZU MUSEUM I will take a break in the peaceful museum garden.
HARA CONTEMPORARY MUSEUM  I will meet Mr. Toshio Hara, who owns not only one of the most interesting contemporary art collections in the world but also has one of my favorite museum locations: a Bauhaus-style villa which was built in 1938 by the architect Jin Watanabe. He owned the house first and then started to collect art.
SLEEP  When I am in Tokyo I have most difficulties to sleep. In fact, I do not sleep the first three days. But I am always taking a break during the daytime, for example at SENSO-JI TEMPLE, a 7th-century Buddhist temple in Asakusa, the oldest in the city.
SHOPPING  Yes, I buy lots of things when I walk around Tokyo. For example at CIBONE, a highly curated design shop where I find a good mix of books, CDs, furniture, accessories and clothes. For stationary and unique washi paper I will go to ITO-YA, 2-7-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku and of course for presents and practical and unique household helpers I will spend at least an hour at TOKYU HANDS.

5 April 2010

Sound Waves


Transform your iPod into an underwater coach with H2O Audio’s iSH2 (order at, a new waterproof headset that straps to the back of your head. Freestyle to your favorite tunes or stroke your stroke with iSwim (at, a downloadable workout created by Olympic gold medalist Natalie Coughlin. Or download your favorite DJs on iTunes.

1 April 2010


I am inspired by the beautiful Louis Vuitton autumn/winter collection. The clothes remind me of a quiet hour in the afternoon when I will enjoy a nice hot cup of tea wearing the new clothes by Marc Jacobs.
My MIU MIU dress from the autumn/winter collection 2010 which I will wear with high heels from Pierre Hardy.
In the powder room: Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Lauren Bacall, Raquel Welch, Françoise Dorléac
Wearing Chanel now from the winter collection can’t be right. Temperatures are finally rising in Paris and the winter collection is all about keeping warm, very warm. Still, I feel like a feather walking around Paris in my Mongolian fur boots and perfectly fitted tweed jacket.
All you need for bare, glowing skin is daily body training and a pure body oil, for example from CARITA, Paris. I go see  the Pilates genius Erika Bloom whenever I am in New York. For 140 US$/hour she teaches my muscles how to maximize movements and my skin is well-toned from the inside out.


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When in Munich my
favorite store to look
for the best selection
of clothes is THERESA.
The staff is competent
and always has the
best ideas for styling
and mixing different
designers together.