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15 November 2010

There are still some leaves on the trees in Burgundy

Irma spent her weekend in Vézelay, Burgundy in France where she went for long walks in the woods, ate freshly harvested Pinot Noir grapes and enjoyed long dinners with friends. She stayed at the Demeure Saint Francois Chatel Censoir and loved looking at Romanesque and Gothic churches. She reads “Romanesque & Gothic France, Art & Architecture”.

5 November 2010

Irma feels at home in Istanbul

My impressions are countless and my last day I did everything I could do in 24 hours, except sleeping.

The history of the city is incredible and I cannot stop listening to my guide talking about the architecture, Sultans and Turkish tradition. I start my day not too early with a strong Turkish coffee and some fresh almonds with yoghurt and from there I take a car with my guide who is a talented storyteller of Turkish history and politics. Later we take the boat to have lunch at Lacivert where I order some Lüfer fish which is a speciality. In the late afternoon, I will spend some time at the Cemberlitas Hamam which is almost 500 years old.  The day comes to an end with dinner with some friends at Changa. What a beautiful day!

21 October 2010

Adresses to remember

Thank you all for visiting my exhibition in Tokyo!
I like to visit the many small art galleries in Tokyo. They are very inspiring. I like the ones in Meguro-ku or the ones in Omotesando, for example HB Gallery. At the moment they feature the Japanese illustrator Fujimori Eri. Right next door you will find the excellent paper and stationary shop Winged Wheel, which is popular for their fine printing and exceptional writing paper and cards.

  • Lunch at Torimam. The eel on a stick is the best I had for lunch at this family-run Yakitori counter in Fukagawa, Tokyo.
  • IPSA is the most recommended beauty product by most beauty editors in town.
    The Nanzuka Underground Gallery is located at 3-1-15 Shrokane on the 2nd floor in Minato-Ku, Tokyo.
  • The Uka Hair & Nail Salon is a great place to pass time when you are tired of walking around.
  • When you buy organic t-shirts from N. Hoolywood at their main store, Mr. Hollywood, they are packed in little boxes with metal drawer handles. The boxes are so beautiful that I will put them on my desk back home.
  • Fall in love again with jeans and buy vintage in Minato-ku, Tokyo,

13 October 2010

Morning walk in Toyko

The best book I have read this summer was “Just Kids” by Patti Smith, where she talks about her relationship with the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and their artistic lives in New York City. Get inspired and read! 
Get wrapped by jaguar, leopard and tiger prints, surround yourself with them at home and look forward for cold autumn nights in front of the fireplace.
Buy the new Ladureé letter set (29.95 GBP) and send hand-written letters to all the friends you have met during your summer vacation. It brings back the nicest memories of long hot summer days.
I am drawing, looking, collecting, watching and drawing again. In between I go to art supply shops, movies, theatre plays, fashion stores, libraries, museums and bookshops and then I am drawing again.
Have your picture taken in your favourite animal house at the zoo. The company of animals calms you down and makes you happy and they make the perfect backdrop for a great photo of yourself.
My favourite apples have to be hard and sour, just picked from a tree on a golden day in autumn. I especially love Fuji, Braeburn and Cox Orange. I eat them during the day, make fresh juices out of them, eat them cooked with Porridge in the morning or bake them into my bread together with milled almondé. They are the best medicine for your entire body and stock up your vitamin C levels for the long winter months.
Take long walks in the afternoon and run around your favourite park. Soon the days will be shorter and you will spend a lot of time inside on your yoga mat instead. Practise your Pranayama breathing techniques when you walk outside at sunrise or sunset to take the best energy home within you.
To avoid jet lag, I take (already before I leave for Tokyo) 1 tablet every hour of 2 calcium phosphoric D6 after Dr. Schüßler. It makes everything easier while traveling and arriving in a new time zone. Being not alone when you arrive helps enormously. Go for walks in public gardens, meet with friends and do avoid room service!
I am leaving for Tokyo on a night flight with ANA Airlines – my first choice to travel to Japan because of the wonderful service, the fine Japanese cuisine, and the lovely statements and tips in the in-flight menu.

I start my first day in Tokyo with a morning walk to the Shinto shrine Meiji Jingu. Shinto values the harmony with nature and that is what I experience when I walk from my hotel to the huge park where the shrine is located. All of a sudden I am in a jungle-like nature with exotic birds, humid air and a temple full of happenings. Weddings, baptisms and Japanese people who write their wishes on a wooden board to have them come true.

Go early in the morning and the place is yours. Then walk further into Harajuko where you will soon meet hundreds of teenagers who show off their latest fashion styles, which are also reflected in the many fashion boutiques around that area.

My preferred hotel in Tokyo is still the Park Hyatt in Shinjuku-kith. Their health club, The Club on the Park, on the 45th floor has a large swimming pool with a magnificent view over Tokyo. The hotel is huge but you have the feeling of being in an intimate, exclusive place.
6 September 2010

Best of Provence

IRMA on her boat at Port Canto, Cannes

I am on my way to Aix en Provence, my favourite place in Europe to start autumn. Let me open my address book to share my favourite places with you:

I will stay at Bastide de Boulbon in Boulbon.
I enjoy lunch at La Chassagnette in Le Sambuc/Arles.
I visit the farmers market in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Tel. +33 (4) 90 92 05 22.
I buy presents at Au Petit Duc in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.
I buy marmalade and candied fruits at Lilamand in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.
I go shopping at Le Grand Magasin in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.


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When in Munich my
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for the best selection
of clothes is THERESA.
The staff is competent
and always has the
best ideas for styling
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